Correa and Saponjic remove the ball jumpsuit in the running of the bulls

first_imgÁngel Correa, who has transferred the Gigante de Arroyito to his garden, was shown in his home gym hitting the ball in an Instagram storie. The best way to pass the time in the quarantine weeks, waiting for normality to return, or as close to it as possible. The quarantine is long and the footballers, although the return dates are getting clearer, with that May 4 as a possible return to training, they miss the ball, the rhythm of training. The rojiblancos from the beginning have used social networks to tell how they have added exercise to their daily lives so as not to lose shape or weight. Stationary bike, pool, weights. The last ones have been Saponjic and Correa. The two have been filmed at home taking off the jumpsuit of what they most miss: the ball. The Serb reveals that in his garden he has a mini soccer field where he can simulate games, in a space similar to that used by Simeone in ball training in small spaces. Of course what Saponjic lacks are all his teammates, but at least the lack of a ball can be started. last_img

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