Month: May 2020

  • Stuani and Borja García form the strange second couple

    first_imgBut this statistic has an explanation. Stuani is the great reference of Girona and his game is sometimes considered rough. And hence it is the player who makes the most mistakes. Although at the card level he endures because it is true that in the duel against Cádiz he was expelled, for a yellow double, but he has only seen four cards. And as for Borja García, whoever receives the most faults does not surprise so much. This has been the case in recent courses. Monopolize the entire game of Girona and already has 34 dribbles. The last course, in First, was already the most hunted. Of course, Stuani not only leads the ranking of players who do more fouls make Second. There is more because its impact on the game of Girona that He is the top scorer in the category, with 20 goals, the player who makes the most shots at goal (37) and the one who has topped the post (five). Undoubtedly, Cristhian Stuani and Borja García are two of the best players in Segunda and, in Girona, they form a scary pair. But she is also a strange couple because While the Uruguayan is the player who makes the most mistakes in the silver category of Spanish football (73), the midfielder, along with Iván Sánchez (Elche), is the one who receives the most (80).last_img read more

  • The Premier launches for Calafat, Real Madrid talent scout

    first_imgThe Premier has set itself in the new signing policy of Real Madrid, which has turned in recent years towards international promises with great talent and projection, which is signed when they still have a relatively acceptable cost. As published by The Telegraph, Everton, Chelsea and Liverpool, among other English clubs, claim the club’s current international football boss, Juni Calafat, directly responsible for signings as Fede Valverde, Martin Odegaard,Takefusa Kubo, Vinicius, Militao, Rodrygo, or recently Reinier. Calafat is an expert in the Brazilian market. Total, Since 2014 the Calafat Factory has brought ten Brazilian soccer players although only three remain in the first team: Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao. The last to arrive, Reinier, for which Real Madrid has paid 30 million euros to Flamengo, joins the Castilla de Raúl González.The other Brazilian players who came from the hand of Calafat have had different fate, but none have settled in the first team: Willian José (Real Sociedad), Pablo Teixeira (Sao Paulo), Abner (Coritiba), Lucas Silva (Guild), Augusto Galvan (Cultural Leonesa) and Rodrigo Rodrigues (Castilla).last_img read more

  • Diogo Jota, Arsenal target

    first_imgRubén Neves would come for the creation, and another former rojiblanco player, Diogo Jota, would contribute in the scoring facet. He is 23 years old, contract until 2022, and so far this season he has added fifteen goals and six assists in 37 matches with a team that is still far from competing with Manchester City or Liverpool, which gives it even more merit. He did two hat-tricks in the Europa League, one at Besiktas and another to Spanish. Figures on a possible offer are not yet in the works, but it is clear that the Wolves will not let them take their best footballers at any price. It has already been raised that Adama Traoré could return to the Spanish league and that the Mexican striker, Raúl Jiménez could return to Atlético de Madrid, but according to Daily Mail, Diogo Jota and Rubén Neves could head to London to play for Arsenal. Premier League* Data updated as of March 14, 2020 The Portuguese are targets of Mikel Arteta Looking ahead to the next season, for which it has been strengthening for a few weeks. The next course will feature an unpublished Cédric Soares, in addition to the signing of Pablo Marí, and already on your shopping list Layvin Kurzawa. That is why, with the defense reinforcements outlined, it is time to think about the attack and accompany well Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang so you decide to stay (your goal is to play the Champions League) can be decisive if the proposed goals are not achieved. Wolverhampton is the hottest team in the Premier League. The English team ranks sixth in the English league standings, above Tottenham or Arsenal, among others, thanks to the goals and assists of a highly compensated squad. This has made many teams interested in their footballers, especially creators and attackers, which will generate a shower of offers between now and summer. 8 18last_img read more

  • Rubiales charges against Thebes for the tests in the clubs: “He should be punished; he is unpatriotic”

    first_imgRubiales grew warmer with the passage of his explanation: “The administration has said it, everyone who has a test, masks, gloves, put it at the service of others. And there is someone who is sending tests out there and it is illegal. Must be punished. We all stand out and it is an unpatriotic stocking. We strongly disagree. A different thing is that when there are fewer patients, we will consider it for our categories. But now let’s focus on the one that needs it. You have to lend a hand. ” Luis Rubiales appeared before the media to analyze the situation of Spanish football after the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. The president of the Federation took the opportunity to send several darts to the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas. The most striking was in reference to the fact that LaLiga has distributed tests among the clubs so that all its players pass the medical checks immediately, as revealed by AS last Monday.Rubiales was blunt: “It seems irresponsible to me that having patients and life at stake does this. It seems out of the question to me that coronavirus tests are being used when there are people who need it. It seems to me that it is not knowing the reality. If they have all confined us. It doesn’t matter if you are infected or not. Does not matter. The result is the same. And if you have severe symptoms, that person needs a test. Not a footballer. He is going to be isolated. “last_img read more

  • David Fernández and Diéguez the pillars behind Alcorcón

    first_img6 David Fernández has 2,700 minutes in 30 games and has scored a goal in the yellow shirt. Diéguez had a little more time settling down and footballers like Elgezabal fought for his position in the first days. Diego, ceded by the Alaves, has played 2004 minutes and has played 23 games and scored a goal. 19 David Fernandez adds his third consecutive season being the undisputed starter with the Alcorcón. The previous two years he had as a dance partner Stephen Burgos. Between the years Fernández played 75 games and scored two goals.center_img Among the pairs of centrals most recognized by fans we find Chema Rodríguez and Djene in the 2015/2016 season. Chema that year he played 33 games and Djene 35. Babin for four seasons he captained the yellow defense in Second division. He played 151 league games and scored 11 goals. Babin was the first season accompanied by Wheel, the following year with Agus He formed one of the best central pairs in the category. In 2012-2013 he also had another great partner, The guard and in 2013/2014 he accompanied him Héctor Verdés. The AD Alcorcón He has always had big names of his own in the center position. Footballers like Djene, Chema Rodríguez, David Navarro, Babin or The guard They have dressed the elastic pottery and have been footballers of great importance in the Alcorconero team. This year in Alcorcón trained by Fran Fernández David Fernández and Diéguez they have become creditors of the confidence of the mister and the pillars of the pottery behind.last_img read more

  • Correa and Saponjic remove the ball jumpsuit in the running of the bulls

    first_imgÁngel Correa, who has transferred the Gigante de Arroyito to his garden, was shown in his home gym hitting the ball in an Instagram storie. The best way to pass the time in the quarantine weeks, waiting for normality to return, or as close to it as possible. The quarantine is long and the footballers, although the return dates are getting clearer, with that May 4 as a possible return to training, they miss the ball, the rhythm of training. The rojiblancos from the beginning have used social networks to tell how they have added exercise to their daily lives so as not to lose shape or weight. Stationary bike, pool, weights. The last ones have been Saponjic and Correa. The two have been filmed at home taking off the jumpsuit of what they most miss: the ball. The Serb reveals that in his garden he has a mini soccer field where he can simulate games, in a space similar to that used by Simeone in ball training in small spaces. Of course what Saponjic lacks are all his teammates, but at least the lack of a ball can be started. last_img read more

  • Michael Robinson dies

    first_imgFormer player and television commentator Michael Robinson has died on Tuesday at the age of 61 after a long fight against melanoma with metastases that he suffered since December 2018. Despite the fact that the disease was revealed to be incurable from the start, he continued to work as a commentator on Movistar + and on Cadena SER almost until the last day. ANDThe last game he narrated was, oddly, at Anfield, on March 11, in a Champions League match against Atlético de Madrid. The Reds, their Reds, were eliminated in an unforgettable match. A goal by Morata was the last he saw from the cabin. The worst news in the best scenario.Robinson’s death was announced on his own Twitter profile: “With tremendous sadness we inform you of Michael’s death. It leaves us with a great emptiness, but also countless memories, full of the same love that you have shown him. We will be eternally grateful to you for making this man so happy, he never walked alone. Thank you”. An endearing message for a man with two brilliant careers, that of footballer and that of communicator. With tremendous sadness we inform you of Michael’s death. It leaves us with a great emptiness, but also countless memories, full of the same love that you have shown him. We will be eternally grateful to you for making this man SO HAPPY, he never walked alone. Thank you– Michael Robinson (@michaelrobinson) April 28, 2020Leicester-born Robinson was always linked to the history of the Liverpool, although he debuted in 1975 in the ranks of the Preston North End. From there he went to Manchester City and then to Brighton before joining the Reds in 1983, definitely the team of his life, despite the fact that he only played two seasons. Still gave him time to conquer a League, a League Cup and the 1984 European Cup, on penalties against Roma and in Rome. “I always celebrated not having to shoot a penalty that day. I was going to throw the sixth. Many of us were afraid to screw it up. ” He was in charge of bringing the Cup to the plane, but he forgot it at the airport duty free. “Going back for it, I did the fastest sprint of my career.”DAILY AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Michael Robinson, in his time as an Osasuna player.DAILY AS “Going to see Liverpool at Anfield was like Santa Claus came every fortnight. Playing there was playing for a cause, having added value. You were trying to make people proud. Those were society gladiators who lost their job with Margaret Thatcher, “Esquire recalled in an interview.From there he jumped to Queens Park Rangers, in which he would play three seasons, until his arrival at Osasuna, in 1986, now 28 years old and with too many knee injuries in tow. “I came for football and fell in love with Spain,” he has stated on several occasions. In the Navarrese team he would play three more years, in which he would score twelve goals in 59 games. “At first I didn’t even know where he was, I thought the city was called Osasuna. When I saw the penultimate team, I told my wife that I couldn’t save him, that they should have signed Spiderman or David Copperfield. He had other offers, but to sign up for Osasuna seemed very romantic to me. Before the first game I saw that there was a habit of praying before jumping onto the field. I told my father that my suspicions were confirmed, that we were so bad that we had to pray before playing. “English by birth, would play 24 games with the Irish team, due to the ancestry of her maternal family.His second careerAs soon as he retired, he began working at Eurosport and collaborating with Televisión Española, as a commentator on the matches of the English League and, subsequently, of the 1990 World Cup. His peculiar style, his sense of humor and his accent caught the attention of Alfredo Relaño, then head of sports for Canal +. Since then he began a long journalistic career, which led him to present spaces such as ‘El Día after’, by the same network, and to comment on the most interesting game of each day with his inseparable Carlos Martínez. “The Day After is the program I have always wanted to see and have never seen. It is the work of my life. I am more proud of that program than of the European Cup.”In 2007 he launched the Robinson Report program, with in-depth reports on the world of sports: “The program is not about winners and losers. It has to leave a moral. Sport is the pretext to tell stories.” Later he would spread the formula to the radio, with the Cadena SER ‘Robinson Accent’ program, where he placed special emphasis on the human face of the athletes. Throughout these years he has collaborated in various spaces of the SER and also, for a time, in the newspaper AS. In 2017 he received the Vázquez Montalbán International Prize, in the category of sports journalism.Robinson was always a multifaceted character. It was the image of a very popular video game in the nineties, PC Fútbol, and he acted as a voice actor in the animated films Shrek and Shrek 2. A devoted fan of rugby, he promoted the Super Iberica project, a professional league that did not work. He was also a director of Cádiz.last_img read more