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  • ‘People have no confidence in Irish Water’ as further water outages hit west Donegal

    first_imgResidents in Cloughaneely are without water once again this afternoon with no sign of it being turned back on before the end of the working day. It comes following another burst to the main pipeline on Saturday that left several businesses having to close its doors for the day.Last week, engineers from Irish Water held a constructive meeting with elected officials from the Gortahork and Falcarragh area to discuss the utility’s plans to replace two sections of water pipes that are prone to frequent bursts. Councillors were told that Irish Water is committed to delivering water improvement works in Falcarragh and financial approval has been given to progress this through the National Leakage Reduction Programme.Irish Water currently plans to commence the construction of this project in Autumn of this year.However, Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Seamus O’Domhnaill, said the people in the area are now ‘beyond angry’ with the current situation and that the current timeframe must be brought forward.“The people in Cloughaneely are beyond angry with Irish Water because they just are not carrying out the work in the emergency fashion that needs to happen,” Cllr O’Domhnaill said. “I have written to the Environment Minister this morning, Richard Bruton, and the CEO of Irish Water asking them to step in and get this project underway now, without delay.“The funding is in place, it is now about getting pipes in the ground.“People have put up with enough,” he added.With the water shortage is expected to continue in the area for at least another 12 hours, O’Domhnaill said Irish Water should ‘hang their heads in shame’.“I have made my sentiments know with those at Irish Water and I have told them to pull their finger out,” he said. “They promised us that they would carry out work to reduce the number of bursts in the area and that simply has not happened.“Works have taken place but it is not reducing the frequency. It is a joke and they need to get on with the work at this point.“They have totally lost the confidence of the people in Cloughaneely and Gortahork and Irish Water need to compensate the businesses that are losing money hand over fist.“It is just not on, the people have lost confidence in Irish Water, as have I, and the only way that can be resolved is if they get on with it and stop the people in this area suffering from these bursts on a regular basis.” ‘People have no confidence in Irish Water’ as further water outages hit west Donegal was last modified: May 20th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Irish Waterlast_img read more

  • Chico runs past Fortuna

    first_imgChico >> D.J. Miller wasn’t homecoming king on Friday night. Too bad. He ruled Asgard Yard anyway.The senior running back finished his night early and finished off Fortuna, scoring the Chico High football team’s first six touchdowns to power the Panthers to a 54-26 victory over the Huskies.Miller rushed for 235 yards on 15 carries, scoring on runs of 11, 7, 4, 64, 64 and 55 yards for Chico (2-3).“We knew what we were doing. The line was on,” Miller said. “Exactly what I wanted. I knew we had …last_img read more

  • South Africa to host military workshop

    first_imgThe South African National Defence Force co-hosts the international Swirmoworkshop, which comes to Africa for thefirst time in 2011.(Image: SANDF) Lt Gen Derrick Mgwebi, pictured here as a major general, will open the 2011 Swirmo workshop on 27 July. (Image: Defence Web) MEDIA CONTACTS • Marie-Servane Desjonquères  ICRC media and PR, Southern Africa  +41 22 730 31 60 or +41 79 536 92 58 RELATED ARTICLES • Two centuries of SA military history • SA enters military pact with Argentina • Rooivalk gets its wings • Siren of the SA skies • MK: In pursuit of libertySource: BuaNewsIn an African first, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are to host a high-level workshop on international rules governing military operations.The fifth Senior Workshop on International Rules Governing Military Operations (Swirmo) will be hosted by the South African Military Academy in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape, from 27 June to 2 July 2011.Every year, the workshop is hosted jointly by the ICRC and the defence force of a selected nation. To date it has taken place four times in Europe, and in 2011 is expected to be attended by 70 senior officers from different armed forces across the globe.The 2007, 2008 and 2010 editions took place in Switzerland with the Swiss armed forces as co-hosts, while Swirmo 2009 was held in Paris in cooperation with the État-Major de l’Armée de Terre (headquarters of the French land forces).“SANDF is honoured to host the Swirmo course,” said the SANDF’s chief of human resources, Lieutenant General Derrick Mgwebi.“Our defence force continuously strives to achieve a high level of excellence for the troops in South Africa and peace-support operations on the continent.”Mgwebi will officially open Swirmo 2011 at the Military Academy on 27 June.“By providing our troops with the best military training, we are ensuring a safe and secure South Africa, while contributing to a better Africa and a better world,” he said.Respect for international law“Such a workshop is essential to bring about greater respect for international law and limit the suffering of people affected by armed conflict or internal violence,” said the ICRC’s vice-president Christine Beerli, who is expected to attend the opening ceremony.This year’s Swirmo aims to enhance understanding of the most pressing international legal issues faced in modern military operations. It will focus on military detention, the conduct of hostilities in armed conflict, and military involvement in law enforcement operations in order to translate legal principles into practice.The workshop provides an environment where actual experiences can be shared, allowing participants to broaden their views on the operational consequences of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.All the participants and instructors are senior military officers who have extensive backgrounds and experience in operations or training.At Swirmo they’ll receive valuable tools to help them integrate international laws of armed conflict and human rights into their field training and military disciplinary systems – thus encouraging behaviour that meets legal requirements when carrying out all kinds of military operations.last_img read more

  • Late planted corn considerations as harvest nears

    first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Because of the extended planting window that the 2017 Spring forced on farmers, some corn is just about ready to go and some corn has quite a ways to go. What are some causes for concern when it comes to the later planted fields. Brodbeck Seeds Regional Agronomist Denny Wickham has some insights.last_img

  • Bensonwood Is Reinventing the House

    first_imgUnity Homes: Pushing the Boundaries of Home BuildingUnity Homes Combines Prefab with Energy EfficiencyA LEED Platinum Modular HomeReinventing the HouseNudging Passive House Concepts into the MainstreamHow to Protect Structural Insulated Panels from DecayEducation Center Wins 2013 Net-Zero PrizeBensonwood HomesDesign for DisassemblyQ&A: Thoughts on the Bensonwood OBPlusWall? Unlike the old days, when each of Benson’s homes was custom-designed from scratch, the new Bensonwood Lifestyle series is built on a modular platform with pre-engineered components that can be used to create homes ranging in size from 800 square feet to over 4,000 square feet. This system is called the 3BMatrix (3B for “Bensonwood Building Block”). The company uses advanced Swiss “building information management” (BIM) software to put these 3BMatrix modules together in 3D models. Then fabrication instructions are transmitted to their German Hundegger computer-based machinery that cuts the components to precise dimensions for factory-panelizing.Bensonwood’s OBPlusWallI’ve visited modular home and panelized construction factories before, but what sets Bensonwood apart for me is the attention to energy performance, green materials, and rigorous building science. At the heart of this system is the OBPlusWall (OB for “Open-Built”). These factory-built (panelized) walls are framed using 9.5-inch-deep I-studs filled with R-35 dense-pack cellulose insulation, then clad with exterior moisture-resistant OSB sheathing (with taped joints). Advanced gasket technology is used for air sealing, detailing is provided to minimize thermal bridging, a drainage plane is installed on the exterior, and integral baseboard raceways are provided on the interior for electrical and data cables to eliminate wall penetrations for wiring.The computer modeling not only controls the exact design and fabrication of these wall panels, but even identifies the proper placement of nylon straps for hoisting the (heavy) modules into place on the jobsite. All this is done with a minimum of waste through material optimization and factory fabrication. OBPlusWall modules ship to the jobsite with windows installed and sometimes also with siding, though for some projects the builder chooses to handle more of the finish work on-site.The companion to the R-35 wall system is a standard R-38 roof system, also insulated with cellulose. Where performance goals demand, Bensonwood can go a lot further with energy performance — by using deeper I-joists and including additional insulation components in the wall and roof systems.When I visited, the company was finishing a house designed to meet the Passivhaus standard. This walls will have an additional 3.5 inches of cellulose on the interior and two inches of polyisocyanurate on the exterior, to achieve approximately R-60 performance. That project was slowed down because advanced Passivhaus windows took some time to arrive from Germany — one of the complications with creating state-of-the-art buildings today.Bensonwood creates premium homes with costs higher than that of typical tract homes, but the panelized construction allows the company to be cost-competitive with most custom homes today — while offering faster construction, better energy performance, excellent durability, and the addition of timber components to achieve Benson’s signature elegance.While Benson has been reinventing residential construction for more than 35 years, you wouldn’t know it if you try to keep up with him on a bicycle! After my Bensonwood tour, he and I biked to Walpole for a beer — via a hilly circuit that Tedd uses to keep in shape on his lunchtime rides. It turns out he uses annual biking trips in the Alps to visit high-tech European manufacturers and software companies — some of the tools that keep Bensonwood ahead of the curve in today’s quickly evolving building industry. I had the good fortune last week to spend a few hours touring the Bensonwood offices and factory in Walpole, New Hampshire. I’ve known Tedd Benson for perhaps 20 years, and knew of him a lot longer than that through his writings. He pretty-much created the modern timber-framing profession, starting back in the early 1970s when he set out to reinvent the craft of timber-frame construction that our New England ancestors used centuries ago. His 1980 book, Building the Timber Frame House, and several others since, have inspired many of us for their vision, beauty, and rugged durability.In recent years, Benson has shifted his primary focus away from timber framing (though that’s still an important part of what his company, Bensonwood, is all about). His Open-Built¯ construction platform, inspired by the work of Open Building pioneer John Habraken and supported by MIT’s Open Source Building Alliance, has gone a long way toward bringing down the costs of the top-quality homes his company builds. In addition to this Energy Solutions blog, Alex writes the weekly blog on BuildingGreen.com: Alex’s Cool Product of the Week, which profiles an interesting new green building product each week. You can sign up to receive notices of these blogs by e-mail — on any blog page enter your e-mail address in the upper right corner. Alex is founder of BuildingGreen, LLC and executive editor of Environmental Building News. To keep up with his latest articles and musings, you can sign up for his Twitter feed. RELATED ARTICLES last_img read more

  • A New Way to Duct HRVs

    first_imgUPDATED June 27, 2013 with an author’s postscriptNine years ago, I co-authored a Journal of Light Construction article with David Hansen on HRV installation. The article noted, “Stale air is exhausted from bathrooms, the laundry, and the kitchen. (An HRV is not intended to handle grease or smoke, so a range hood should be separately exhausted to the exterior.) Fresh air is supplied to the bedrooms, living room, and other living areas.” This advice is consistent with the long-standing recommendations of most HRV manufacturers.The advice is logical: after all, it makes sense to exhaust air from the smelliest rooms in the home and to supply the fresh air to the rooms where people spend most of their indoor hours.Although this traditional ventilation duct layout works well, I’ve begun to rethink the issue lately. It may be time to experiment with different ducting methods for HRV systems — especially for homes with single-point heating systems.There is a strong trend among designers of superinsulated houses to use ductless minisplit systems for space heating and cooling. These systems can work well even when outdoor temperatures drop to -17°F or -20°F. Moreover, the systems are inexpensive, easy to install, and very energy efficient.What type of ventilation system is best in such a home? Since there is no heating or cooling ductwork, a central-fan-integrated supply ventilation system is obviously out. The usual choices: either an exhaust-only system (for example, a bath exhaust fan that runs for much of the day) or a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) with dedicated ventilation ductwork. (Throughout this article, I’ll use the term “HRV” to include energy-recovery ventilators as well as heat-recovery ventilators.)As more HVAC engineers and builders wrestle with the details of designing a house with a single-point heat source (for example, a… Start Free Trial Already a member? Log in Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.center_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Memberslast_img read more

  • Mobile Healthcare Faces The Future [Infographic]

    first_imgThe Mobile Revolution continues to change how industry after industry goes about day-to-day business. Yet one industry has been surprisingly slow to embrace the benefits of mobile: healthcare. Many observers find that strange, since healthcare could clearly benefit from the power of smartphones and tablets attached to the cloud. Several things have slowed adoption of mobile in healthcare. Antiquated policies designed for a different era have been a major factor. For instance, what does it mean to be HIPAA compliant in a mobile world? HIPAA regulations rule how healthcare practitioners can store and transfer data on patients to protect both the privacy of the patient and the liability to doctors and nurses. HIPAA regulations are fairly complex and rigid (for a good reason, to be sure) and have scared off some mobile healthcare (mHealth) startups – at least until HIPAA can be updated to reflect the change in the technological landscape.There’s also the question of culture. For decades, the primary patient interface for doctors, technicians and nurses has been the paper chart attached to a clipboard. Digitizing of patient records is a long, arduous process that many clinics have declined to undertake. Doctors face significant blowback from administrators sitting in front of bookshelves crammed full manila folders of patient histories. (On a trip to my physician’s office a couple years back, I asked him if he used a smartphone to make his life easier. He showed me his BlackBerry and an app that helps him find the appropriate prescription for certain maladies. I asked him if he could digitize his entire file system and carry around an iPad or some such device to make his life easier. “I would love to,” he told me. “But I would lose half my staff if I ever changed how the system works.” )We are starting to see progress in mHealth adoption: According to researchers, 62% of doctors use a tablet in some shape or form and 71% of nurses use a smartphone at work. The mHealth industry is forecast to be a $11.8 billion market by 2018.Mobile healthcare is about more than just how doctors and nurses operate on a day-to-day basis. Mobile technology promises to contribute to wellness, preventative care, personal health records, communication with physicians, diet tracking, prescription reminders and many other health-related improvements. For instance, 30% of smartphone users are expected to use wellness apps in one form or another by 2015. By that year, analysts predict there will be nearly two billion smartphone users on the planet. You do the math.Check out this infographic from mHeath consultancy  [x]Cube Labs for a cross section of the mHealth industry, where it has been and how it can help healthcare providers and consumers alike. Tags:#health dan rowinski Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

  • Differently-abled man thrown out of moving train near Chandigarh

    first_imgThree men allegedly thrashed and threw out a disabled man from a moving train near Ambala in Haryana after he objected to their smoking in the coach, police said on Friday.Upender Prasad, in his mid-40s, who is being treated at the civil hospital in Ambala, in his complaint said the three men in their early 20s assaulted him and later threw him out of the train after he asked them to stop smoking.Station House Officer, GRP, Ambala Cantt, Raj Bachchan told The Hindu that Mr. Prasad boarded the Kerala Sampark Kranti Express on June 30 and was heading for his hometown in Faridabad when the incident took place.“Mr. Prasad boarded the compartment for the disabled at 9.30 a.m. from Chandigarh in which three physically fit youngsters were also travelling. As the train left, the three men started smoking, to which Mr. Prasad objected. The altercation escalated and allegedly the three youth hurled abuses and thrashed him. Also, they snatched his cellphone and purse. Later, as the train slowed down ahead of the Ambala Cantt. station, Mr. Prasad was pushed out of the train by the attackers, leaving him unconscious,” said Mr. Bachchan.CCTV footage scannedThe SHO said that after Mr. Prasad regained consciousness he sought help from people who took him to the civil hospital. “He sustained injury on the head, besides a fracture in the shoulder and leg,” said Mr. Bachchan.CCTV footage at the Chandigarh railway station was being scrutinised.last_img read more

  • Andres Iniesta shines as FC Barcelona beat Malaga to regain cushion atop La Liga

    first_imgBarcelona regained a four-point cushion atop the Spanish league with a ho-hum 2-0 win over visiting Malaga and surging Valencia dismissed Sevilla 4-0 at home on Saturday.Barcelona faced last-placed Malaga in the closing match of the day, with added pressure from second-placed Valencia, who have won five in a row.Barcelona have been unbeaten after starting with seven straight wins and drawing with Atletico Madrid last week.Seldom-used Gerard Deulofeu opened the scoring for Barcelona after just two minutes, and Andres Iniesta celebrated his first of the season in the second half thanks to a brilliant assist by Lionel Messi.??? #Messi and ?? @andresiniesta8 ??? ????´ #ForaBara pic.twitter.com/exrdXJjMNg- FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) October 21, 2017″We lacked pace at the beginning of the game. It was our third in six days and mentally, it’s difficult,” coach Ernesto Valverde said.Buen esfuerzo. Seguimos!! pic.twitter.com/d6SG2QVudn- Andrs Iniesta (@andresiniesta8) October 21, 2017Luis Suarez failed to score on clear chances once again, underlining his poor start to the season, but had his manager’s backing nonetheless.”I don’t see a problem with him. He looks good to me. What’s important is that he manufactures chances,” Valverde said.Defending champion Real Madrid hosts Eibar on Sunday.OFF-LIMITS LEADERBarcelona benefited from a flagrant referee misjudgment to get its go-ahead goal against Malaga. Left back Lucas Digne was allowed to center the ball after it clearly crossed the byline, and Deulofeu acrobatically backfooted it inside the net.Despite the blow, the visitors got back up and managed to neutralize Barcelona for most of the first half, but lost striker Diego Rolan just before the second period. The Uruguayan import was forced off by injury.advertisementWithout Rolan, Malaga lacked bite in its pressure of the home backline, and Barcelona was able to polish ball circulation and find Messi with more frequency.Messi received a clean pass from defender Javier Mascherano, drew the defense, and dropped a perfect pass for Iniesta, whose shot was deflected by defender Roberto Rosales on its way to the upper left corner.Malaga surrendered and Barcelona dominated the rest of the way.VAMOS VALENCIAGonzalo Guedes opened the scoring for Valencia near halftime with a majestic strike from outside the box after deftly outmaneuvering two defenders on the chase.Simone Zaza added his eighth league goal after the break with a spin and low cross shot. Santi Mina came off the bench and scored the third with just five minutes to go, finishing off a speedy counterattack for the hosts.But the show was all Guedes, and the Portuguese midfielder rounded off his great game with the closer, subtly poking the ball over goalkeeper Sergio Rico in added time.Sevilla has lost three in a row in all competitions. Managed by Eduardo Berizzo, the team started off red-hot in La Liga but has floundered lately, ranking fifth.”We need to hold our head up high and get to work. I don’t fear being sacked,” Berizzo said.ON THE REBOUNDReal Betis rebounded from its demoralizing home loss to Valencia by defeating struggling Alaves 2-0.The result put Betis in sixth place, tied with neighbor Sevilla.Antonio Sanabria scored early in the first half to lead the hosts to victory a week after losing to Valencia 6-3 at Benito Villamarin Stadium in Seville. Sanabria has scored at least once in each of his last five league games. The Paraguay striker has seven goals in the last seven matches with club and country.Betis added to the lead with an own goal by Alaves defender Alexis Ruano midway through the second half.It was the eighth loss for Alaves in nine league matches. It remains second-to-last in the standings with three points, two more than Malaga.LACKLUSTER DRAWLevante and Getafe played to 1-1 and both teams stayed near the middle of the table.Levante lost striker Alexander “Nano” Mesa early in the second half because of a ligament injury in his right knee.last_img read more

  • What Oklahoma State is getting in Trey Sterling: His take

    first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Oklahoma State landed a commitment from a dynamic athlete, Trey Sterling, earlier this week. The Cowboys plucked Sterling out of Sunnyvale High School, just outside the Dallas area, and PFB caught up with him to talk about his recent decision to play for the Cowboys.Q: Walk me through the recruitment process for you — when did OSU offer, and what was your decision process like that helped you land on the Cowboys?A: The offer came a couple of days ago. But before the offer I had been talking to the coaches quite often and that helped with the decision, along with the coaches showing they cared about me actually wanted me and not just sending stuff they send to hundreds of players across the country. After the offer me and my family talked about the pros and cons of OSU and there was only one negative and it had nothing to do with my academic or athletic lifestyle. I’m into all of the tradition at OSU, it’s so rare I would be stupid not to commit as early as I did.Q: What position are they looking to slip you into at OSU, and what type of player is OSU getting in Trey Sterling?A: OSU is getting a player who is still discovering his potential. I’m a very physical safety who isn’t shy to come down hill and hit someone! My coverage is just as good but most people don’t see that because my physicality is what stands out.Oklahoma State’s getting a tough, physical safety made in the form of Jordan Sterns — he has good range and coverage, and isn’t afraid to lay down the truck-stick on the back end. He’s played multiple positions in high school, including running back which only adds to the intrigue of Sterling as an athlete with some high upside. Check out highlights from the early part of his senior season.last_img read more