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  • Local swimmer represents Red Bluff community

    first_img“You can’t let your head get too big or think too much of yourself,” Brandt said, “just keeping focusing on your next goal and checking off the list.” 175Care about your community? We do, too.Sign up for our Morning Report newsletter Something went wrong. Please try again.SIGN UPCongratulations! You’re all set! Red Bluff >> Jayne Brandt loves swimming. She said she cannot get enough of any pool she swims laps in, even though she admits to taking a few breaks. “Yeah, every so often it’s good to take a couple days off,” Brandt said Thursday during the Red Bluff High School swim team banquet. “Then you come back more excited.” Brandt’s mighty good any time she straps on the swimsuit, goggles and swim cap. This year, she was especially dynamite, winning a pair of Northern Section Masters championships as just a sophomore for the Spartans. In addition, during Brandt’s championship swim in the 100 breast stoke, she captured a time of 1:06.81 seconds, which ranks third all-time in Masters history dating back to 1972.She wants the top spot eventually — a mark just more than 2 seconds faster set by a Colusa swimmer in 2008. The top time in the 100 breaststroke is 1:04.71, which Brandt said is attainable. “You just have to buckle down, train everyday,” said Brandt, whose older sister, Julia Brandt begins her college swim career this weekend at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. “You can’t get distracted. In swimming, especially the (sprint) strokes every hundredth of a second counts. You have to be in the zone and ready to do your best.” Jayne Brandt says she hopes to one day swim in college, should the opportunity present itself. But right now she has much larger aspirations during the next two years of her Red Bluff Spartans career. last_img read more

  • Human Body Wonders to Amaze Their Inhabitants

    first_imgThere’s more going on under your skin than you can possibly comprehend.What Goes On in the Blink of an Eye?Blinking does not just lubricate the eye: it resets its pointing. That’s the finding of a paper in Nature Scientific Reports. Scientists have known for many years that eyes undergo constant involuntary movements, called microsaccades. These prevent rods and cones from saturating and help with pointing. Now, they find another type of movement that occurs during an eye blink when the eye can’t see where to point. They call it blink-associated resetting movement, or BARM. It’s like having coarse tuning in addition to fine tuning:We show here that fixational BARMs are functionally distinct and complementary to microsaccades in the following way: First, they compensate for large fixational error more efficiently than microsaccades, secondly, their probability to be executed in eccentric eye positions is higher, and thirdly, they reset the eyes into a position zone that is broader as compared to microsaccades. This suggests that BARMs help to keep the eyes in a working range wherein microsaccades guarantee high acuity vision. Moreover, we establish that fixational BARMs operate in a retina-centric frame.Rods Contribute to Bright Light VisionThe textbooks tell us that the rods in the retina, which are monochromatic and sensitive to dim light, operate in dim light, and cones, which sense color, are at work in bright light. An article from Tübingen University reports new findings that show that rods don’t tune out when the lights come on. “They were thought to become useless as light levels increase, while vision in daylight conditions is based on cone photoreceptors,” the article begins. “The new study — published in Nature Communications — shows that rod function can even increase in bright light.” This discovery will require more investigation to understand, and it may lead to better treatments for the visually impaired. Scientists understanding of vision must be incomplete, now that it appears that rods are not blinded by bright light. “Most surprisingly, their contribution even increases when the daylight becomes brighter, up to the brightest light levels that would ever be encountered in natural environs.Split Brains Can Still CommunicateThe corpus callosum is a “bridge” between the left and right sides of the brain. In rare cases, it can be injured or surgically severed to treat conditions like epilepsy. Are the hemispheres left out of touch? Scientists have known that communication can still proceed in such patients. A new paper in PNAS finds that the brain has workarounds – other pathways around the bridge.The relation between structural and functional connectivity has profound implications for our understanding of cerebral physiology and cognitive neuroscience. Yet, this relation remains incompletely understood. Cases in which the corpus callosum is sectioned for medical reasons provide a unique opportunity to study this question. We report functional connectivity assessed before and after surgical section of the corpus callosum, including multiyear follow-up in a limited subsample. Our results demonstrate a causal role for the corpus callosum in maintaining functional connectivity between the hemispheres. Additionally, comparison of results obtained in complete vs. partial callosotomy demonstrate that polysynaptic connections also play a role in maintaining interhemispheric functional connectivity.Update 12/15/17: Here’s a case worth pondering: Medical Xpress reports “The mysterious case of the boy missing most of his visual cortex who can see anyway.” A team from Monash University in Australia studied “the brain of a seven-year-old boy who was missing most of his visual cortex but could still see—the first such case ever known.” A module of the cortex usually involved in motion detection was apparently repurposed by his brain to function as a vision center. Such amazing plasticity would seem to indicate that sensory ability is not a function of brain mass, overthrowing a foundational assumption of biological racism dating to the 19th century that was obsessed with brain size.Tough Guy or Softy?Actually, humans have both a sensitive side and a tough side. Speaking of tissues, they can be soft and strong, says Phys.org. Collagen fibers connect cells into a network that, when stretched, resists further stretching. Physiologists used to think that cells under tension maintained their initial volume. New work shows that cells can squeeze out water into the network when stretched, and then gain it back when tension is released. They can lose volume up to 50% in this way. “This contradicts the prevailing paradigm that although such soft biological tissue can deform significantly, its volume remains unchanged,” said Edoardo Mazza of ETH Zurich. What this means for you is that skin-so-soft can actually take quite a beating. It also explains the adaptability to stress of other soft biological tissues, including the amniotic sac that protects a developing baby.The Achilles Tendon – A WeightlifterThe Achilles tendon above the heel, named for the legendary Greek warrior, is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. Science Daily says it can withstand 900 kilograms (2,000 pounds) when running. Even though it is prone to injuries, it can handle a great deal of wear and abuse (think of weightlifters doing calf raises). There’s actually more than one tendon involved. Part of its strength comes from its connectivity to three different muscles with different loads. “Studies with the measurement of Achilles tendon forces have proved that loading may not be distributed evenly throughout the entire cross-sectional area of the tendon,” the article says. “This is possible because the Achilles serves as a common tendon for three calf muscles, which all have different properties and functions.” The article then describes the soleus, lateral gastrocnemius, and medial gastrocnemius muscles and their attachments to subtendons of the Achilles.More Reasons to Breastfeed the BabyMany benefits of natural breast milk have been discovered. Some of them are mentioned in chapter 2 of the new book by Richter and Coppedge, Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers. Another benefit was reported by FARE, Food Allergy Relief and Education: breast milk appears to prevent allergies. Certain proteins in breast milk help prime baby for protection from allergens. The findings from experiments on mice are probably applicable to humans as well:The mouse study found that when a nursing mother is exposed to a food protein, her milk contains complexes of the food protein combined with her antibodies, which are transferred to the offspring through breastfeeding. Aided by a protein in the offspring’s gut lining and some immune cells, the food protein-antibody complexes are taken up and introduced to the offspring’s developing immune system, triggering the production of protective cells that suppress allergic reactions to the food. These protective cells persist after antibodies from the mother are gone, promoting long-term tolerance to the food.Your Ceramic Toolkit, the Envy of Materials ScientistsScientists are envious of nature’s hardest minerals, Science Daily says. Among the enviable crack-resistant substances they would like to imitate is one we often take for granted: tooth enamel. It works like some other competing hard biological ceramics:Natural composites are common. Examples include nacre (mother-of-pearl), tooth enamel, bamboo and the dactyl clubs of mantis shrimp, all of which are nanoscale arrangements of hard platelets connected by soft matrix materials and arranged in overlapping brick-and-mortar, bouligand or other architectures.They work because the hard parts are strong enough to take a beating and flexible enough (due to the soft matrix) to distribute stress throughout the material. When they fracture, they’re often able to distribute or limit the damage without failing entirely.The Best of All Possible Bodies?The meaning of this sentence from Science Daily depends on how you look at it: “Newly emerging trends in data suggests humans may have reached their maximum limits for height, lifespan and physical performance.” So is the glass half-empty or half-full? Actually, any engineering product is a series of compromises attempting to optimize the whole. When you look at a body at its best, given the demands of a wide variety of situations it must perform in, it seems hard to improve on it.A Law of Media we often observe at CEH is that Darwinspeak is inversely proportional to the detail in a scientific paper. How could evolutionists account for the things reported above? This is not just design, it is over-the-top design.Biblical creationists believe that humans were designed to live forever, but now we live in a cursed world after Adam’s sin. The curse affects all nature, including the human body, which is subject to disease, disability, and death. Nevertheless, the Apostle Paul said to the people of Lystra, “He did not leave himself without witness” (Acts 14:17). The author of Psalm 139 wondered with awe at how we are knit together in the womb, exclaiming that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:13). We can honor God with the body. Paul told Timothy, “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer” (I Timothy 4:4-5). In spite of weaknesses, the body is incredibly engineered and usually works incredibly well. Take care of your “spacesuit” as Richter calls it, as you ride Spacecraft Earth through the universe. And whenever you enjoy a pleasure or comfort, such as delicious food, give thanks to the Creator who made it.(Visited 550 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • JSE signs up for responsible investment

    first_imgSouth Africa’s JSE is one of the first stock exchanges worldwide to become a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI), which guide investors in taking environmental, social and corporate governance issues into account when investing. Founded in 2005, the UN PRI is a set of principles developed to guide investment professionals to consider environmental, social and corporate governance issues in the selection of investment opportunities and to align investors with broader societal objectives. “We believe that stock exchanges have a role to play in stimulating debate between listed entities and investors about these issues,” Newton-King added. An index whose constituents are companies who attain required levels in an annual review of their policies, practices and reporting, the SRI Index is becoming a widely accepted gauge for good corporate citizenship for listed entities. “Our listing requirements include elements of the King Code of Corporate Governance, for example,” JSE deputy CEO Nicky Newton-King said in a statement this week. “Signing the UN PRI further demonstrates our commitment. It also highlights our role as a pioneer in the sustainability field globally, particularly among stock exchanges. Signatories include large asset owners such as the Government Employees Pension Fund and recent signatory the Eskom Pension & Provident Fund. Guide for investment professionals “In South Africa, no business can operate divorced from our past,” says Newton-King. “In this respect, issues of sustainability and social responsibility are entrenched, and companies have had to address labour, affirmative action and health-related issues with much more urgency and vigour than elsewhere. The JSE has for several years worked on ways to prompt businesses and business analysts to increase their focus on environmental, social and governance factors. “Responsible investing is coming of age in South Africa, as evidenced the burgeoning support and growing numbers of signatories to the UN PRI,” says Newton-King. “In South Africa, there are currently 25 signatories to the principles, a significant number considering the size of our financial sector compared to other developed countries.” The exchange sees the move as a step forward in its already strong support of corporate and investor decision-making, which includes environmental, social and corporate governance factors as well as traditional business issues. 3 November 2009 The JSE has contributed to the cause of responsible investment through developing the Socially Responsible Investment Index (SRI Index), which was launched in 2004 as the first of its kind in an emerging economy. “To add to this, there is no fund manager who can deny the existence of great inequality in South Africa, and we don’t need to educate people about the importance of socially responsible investment as much as may be needed in more developed countries.” SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material In South Africa, apart from greater adoption of the UN PRI, there are other factors raising awareness of responsible investing. Socially responsible investment indexlast_img read more

  • Transnet opens wagon maintenance facility in Northern Cape

    first_img29 July 2014State logistics company Transnet officially opened a R30-million wagon refurbishment facility in De Aar in South Africa’s Northern Cape province on Monday.The De Aar wagons depot will maintain various types of wagons for Transnet Freight Rail, functioning as a satellite workshop for the Transnet Rail Engineering Beaconsfield Depot in Kimberley.Speaking at the opening, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown said the investment was aimed at increasing Transnet Freight Rail’s capacity on the main freight corridor between Johannesburg and Cape Town.This facility has already created jobs and improved rail engineering skills in the area, Brown said, adding that 47 people, 22 of them from De Aar, had already been employed, and that an estimated 300 direct and indirect jobs would be created through this facility.“Government is committed to revitalising the economy of rural towns such as De Aar, so that we create sustainable livelihoods for the local people,” Brown said. “A wagon refurbishment facility will have a long-term impact not only on De Aar but surrounding areas, as it will be a springboard for development within the broader Northern Cape province.“The establishment of such a facility brings hope to the youth of De Aar to become engineers and better their lives.”After the opening, Brown and Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas handed over two new houses to families who agreed to make way for Transnet’s new Youth Multi-Purpose Precinct next to the De Aar Rail Station.The youth precinct comprises a youth shelter for 20 homeless boys, a youth educational centre, a recreational park and a social club for youth volunteers.The Transnet Foundation will fully fund the De Aar Youth Precinct NGO for the first three years (2014, 2015 and 2016). During this time, the Transnet Foundation will engage with other potential partners to invest in the precinct.Source: SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more

  • Activation Gallery – Port Elizabeth

    first_imgOn Friday 14 August, Brand South Africa handed over prizes worth R50 000 to Cowen High School in Port Elizabeth. Cowen High School were the victors in the school debate competition hosted by Umhlobo Wenene and Brand South Africa on 16 June.Through its Play Your Part programme, Brand South Africa aims to encourage South Africans to contribute actively and positively to the development of their communities. Brand South Africa therefore recognises Cowen High School’s achievement in positively contributing to the education of their learners.In order to continuously develop the country’s competitiveness, it’s imperative that the youth are equipped with skills and education. Cowen High School has demonstrated how they are actively contributing to addressing the goals set out in the National Development Plan (NDP). It is for this reason that Brand South Africa takes its hat off to Cowen High School. One of the many goals set out in the NDP is to improve the school system by increasing the number of learners achieving above 50% in literacy and mathematics as well as increasing student retention rates to 90%.Brand South Africa awarded Cowen High School with R50 000 worth of prizes comprising a public address (PA) system and six laptops. The school’s principal Mr T Dolley says: “The PA system will help educators communicate more clearly and effectively with students during assembly”. He adds that the laptops will assist the learners to further develop their information technology skills.As part of Brand South Africa’s Constitution Mondays campaign, learners were asked to recite the preamble of the constitution at assembly. The Constitution Mondays campaign asks all schools, on the first day of every month, to hoist the flag, read the preamble to the Constitution and sing the national anthem. This campaign, aims to see school learners and civil society groups throughout the country participate in constitutional awareness.Thoko Modise, Manager: Civil Society at Brand South Africa says: “My proudest moment was watching the school choir singing the Freedom Charter Song and reciting the preamble of the constitution. This is what we are striving for as Brand South Africa, that all learners realise the importance of the constitution and what it stands for.”last_img read more

  • Energy Efficiency Is Narrowing the Stupid/Hurt Gap

    first_img Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, energy consultant, RESNET-certified trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. Check out his in-depth course, Mastering Building Science at Heatspring Learning Institute, and follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard. The gap is narrowing. What gap, you ask? Why, the gap between stupid and hurt, of course. So says Dr. Joe Lstiburek. Allow me to explain.Sometimes when you do something stupid, it hurts immediately. A toddler touches a hot kettle, for example, and instantly starts crying in pain. That’s a learning experience.If that pain didn’t happen until an hour or a day had passed, however, the child would have a tough time learning not to touch hot kettles. Building or remodeling homes is a lot like that.An architect, home builder, or remodeler can provide a beautiful house to their client, yet it can still be full of problems: air leakage, atmospheric combustion, the dreaded ductopus… And they get away with it because often the hurt doesn’t happen till years, even a decade, later.Dr. Lstiburek says the gap between doing those stupid things and the hurt they cause is now narrowing. The reason: energy efficiency. As we make homes more and more efficient, the home has less tolerance for the stupid things. And we are making homes more efficient, largely because of the strengthening and adoption of energy codes. Put a vapor barrier in the wrong place and the condensation and mold start sooner. Make a home more airtight and getting carbon monoxide in the home because of a backdrafting water heater becomes a bigger danger.Have you felt the hurt?center_img RELATED ARTICLES Do I Need a Vapor Retarder?Banish These Details From Your PlansWhen Sunshine Drives Moisture Into Walls Multifamily Green Building Certification Still Has IssuesBatt Insulation is Still Making Me BattyHumidity, Mold, and Indoor Air Qualitylast_img read more

  • 2019 Fleet Average Valuation and Vehicle-Cents-Per Mile Number Released

    first_imgThe IRS has released 2019 maximum vehicle fair market values for use with the vehicle cents-per-mile valuation rule and the fleet-average valuation rule.The IRS is also providing flexibility for 2018 and 2019 in the consistency requirements for use of the vehicle cents-per-mile and fleet-average valuation rules.Maximum Vehicle Fair Market Values for 2019The maximum value is $50,400 for:an employer-provided vehicle (including cars, vans, and trucks) first made available to employees for personal use in 2019 for which the vehicle cents-per-mile valuation rule may apply; andan employer-provided automobile (including vans and trucks) first made available to employees for personal 2019 for which the fleet-average valuation rule may apply.Consistency Requirements Relaxed for 2019 The IRS intends to revise regulations for employers whose vehicles did not qualify for vehicle cents-per-mile valuation under the rules in effect before 2018 because the vehicle’s fair market value exceeded the maximum permitted.In such a case, the employer may first adopt the vehicle cents-per-mile valuation rule for the 2018 or 2019 tax year based on the higher maximum fair market value of a vehicle for 2018 or 2019, as applicable. The employer generally must continue to use the vehicle cents-per-mile valuation rule for all subsequent years in which the vehicle qualifies for the rule. However, the employer may use the commuting valuation rule for any year the vehicle qualifies for that rule.Similarly, if an employer that did not qualify to use the fleet-average valuation rule before January 1, 2019, because it could not meet the pre-2018 maximum value limitation, the employer may adopt the fleet-average valuation rule for 2018 or 2019, if it meets the maximum vehicle values for 2018 or 2019 as applicable.Notice 2019-34Topic: Qualified Transportation Fringe BenefitsLogin to read more on CCHAnswerConnect.Not a subscriber? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for a representative.last_img read more

  • Samsung Level Box Slim, Bottle & Scoop speakers, Level Active & Rectangle headsets launched in India

    first_imgSamsung announces range of portable speakers — Level Box Slim, the Bottle and the Scoop in India. Further, the South Korean company has also expanded its headset portfolio by introducing the Level Active and the Rectangle Headset. Out of the three speakers — Level Box Slim is available at a price of Rs 6,699, while the Bottle speaker is priced at Rs 4,999 and the Scoop speaker is available for Rs 2,799. While the new headset that the company announced — Level Active is priced at Rs 4,999, while the Rectangle Headset costs Rs 1,899.”Samsung is synonymous with innovation and our new Audio range reinforces us as pioneers in the Mobile entertainment space. Each of these audio devices, with their balance of aesthetics and acoustics, should be a definite delight for our consumers,” says Asim Warsi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India on the newly announced audio accessories.Samsung Level Box SlimThe new Level Box Slim speaker by Samsung is said to be a combination of audio speaker and power bank. The speaker features a compact design, and can fit in one’s palm or back pocket. The device comes with a handy stand integrated into the speaker’s back. There is also IPX7 water resistance. The Level Box Slim is further packed with a 8W Bluetooth speaker which is said to deliver a balanced audio in and outdoors. However, the microphone that is fitted in the speaker allows users to field voice and conference calls without reaching for their smartphone. This is a unique feature. There are also microphone’s integrated within the speaker which acts as noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology.advertisementThe Level Box Slim comes with 2600mAh battery that provides up to 30 hours of music playback and also functions as a portable charger, Samsung claims. The speaker further allows users to check the status of their speaker’s battery, easily adjust its volume settings, via the Samsung Level app.Samsung Wireless Speaker Bottle designThe Wireless Speaker Bottle comes with wireless charging and a motion-sensitive UX. The speaker further comes with a water-pouring motion, adjusts the built-in 16M-color LED lighting unit’s brightness. The Wireless Speaker Bottle design is completely customizable via the accompanying Lux Manager App, which allows users to find the perfect hue to accentuate both the moment and their mood.Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop designThe Wireless Speaker Scoop design sports a compact design, and is designed in a way that it is easy to carry. The speaker comes equipped with a practical strap, the Scoop’s splash resistance and sleek. It also comes with intuitive controls allow users to effortlessly find their favourite tunes, while the built-in microphone with noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technologies help users to field calls without reaching for their phone.Samsung Level ActiveThe Level Active is a Bluetooth-enabled headset that comes with soft silicon earhooks as well as comfortable wingtips and in-ear earbuds, making it comfortable for people on the move. The Level Active is also splash resistant, allowing users to work out without worrying about damaging their earphones with sweat. The Active key function on headsets helps users can control their Level Active headphones to monitor their workout. Users can connect to S Health using Active key and record workout information for walking, running, cycling or hiking.Samsung In-ear Headphones Rectangle designThe Rectangle Headset is a sturdy, fabric-and-metal construction highlighted by a tangle-free flat fabric cable and DLM (double-layered motion) structured speakers for top-notch sound, the earphones demonstrate both refined design and balanced, high-quality audio.Also Read: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shipment to start from September 1: Reportlast_img read more

  • Niese Leads Mets Over Phillies, 3-2

    first_imgPHILADELPHIA — Aaron Harang would like to have one pitch back.Juan Lagares homered off Harang and Jonathon Niese pitched seven strong innings to lead the New York Mets to a 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies on May 9.Lagares, not known for his power, lined Harang’s 1-0 pitch into the seats in the left with one out in the seventh to put the Mets up 3-2. The two-run homer, Lagares’ first of the season and ninth of his career, broke an 0-for-16 skid.“It was supposed to be down and away and I totally missed my spot,” Harang said. “You can tell by his swing he was looking fastball.”Harang (3-3), who was pitching on his 37th birthday, gave up three runs — two earned — and eight hits with two strikeouts and one walk in seven innings.The right-hander, who signed a one-year deal with Philadelphia in the offseason, had pitched 14 1/3 scoreless innings with four hits and 14 strikeouts in his first two home starts with the Phillies.“Harang was outstanding (except for) one high fastball he’d like to have back,” Philadelphia Manager Ryne Sandberg said.Philadelphia went ahead with two runs in the sixth inning that started with rookie second baseman Dilson Herrera’s error on Ben Revere’s grounder. Revere scored on Jeff Francoeur’s sacrifice fly and Darin Ruf reached on Carlos Ruiz’s double just inside the bag at third.It was the first error in the seventh career game for the 21-year-old Herrera, who is the youngest position player in the majors.The Phillies loaded the bases with one out in the bottom of the inning before Buddy Carlyle, the third Mets pitcher in the frame, escaped the jam by getting Ruiz to ground into a 6-4-3 double play.“The inning was set up nice,” Sandberg said. “I thought the shortstop made a good play.”Sandberg said he thought about pinch-hitting Ryan Howard in Ruiz’s spot, but let Ruiz bat because he is a contact hitter and he’d been swinging well during the game.Howard, who entered 4-for-26 off Niese, was kept out of the starting lineup. He flied out in the ninth as a pinch-hitter.Niese (3-2) improved to 5-0 in his last seven starts against Philadelphia, surrendering two runs and five hits with six strikeouts and one walk. Neither of the runs was earned.Jeurys Familia pitched a scoreless ninth to take the league lead by converting his 12th save in as many chances.Lagares’ long ball resulted in the first two earned runs of the game.The Mets went in front in the fifth when Ruben Tejada reached after second baseman Cesar Hernandez’s fielding error on Lucas Duda’s grounder should have been the third out.Hernandez was filling in for the struggling Chase Utley, who was out of the starting lineup for the third time in four days after an 0-for-4 outing Friday dropped his average to .099.New York threatened in the eighth, loading the bases with one out against Luis Garcia, but pinch-hitter Johnny Monell grounded into an inning-ending 1-2-3 double play in his Mets debut.(AARON BRACY)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

  • SANDAG Crews to begin constructing trolley underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive

    first_img March 17, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, SANDAG Crews to begin constructing trolley underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: March 17, 2019center_img Updated: 7:58 PM KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- Construction crews will begin five days of night work today from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to build a trolley underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive, according to the San Diego Association of Governments.Crews plan to re-stripe the street to shift traffic over to the northbound lanes during the first phase of the underpass’ construction. During work hours, traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction.  While this week’s work will only last through Thursday, the full underpass will take months to complete. Construction of the entire underpass is complex, according to SANDAG, so work is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year.The underpass is being constructed as part of the $2.17 billion Mid-Coast Trolley Blue Line Extension, which includes a planned 11-mile extension of trolley service by the Metropolitan Transit System from Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego to University City.The extension will add trolley stops in Mission Bay Park, UC San Diego and Westfield UTC. SANDAG is receiving $1.04 billion in funding from the Federal Transit Administration to complete the project. The extension and related projects are intended to reduce traffic congestion as the county’s population increases. Construction on the extension began in 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. last_img read more