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  • Casting Set for Joan Beber’s In Bed With Roy Cohn

    first_imgChristopher Daftsios will take on the titular role in Joan Beber’s In Bed With Roy Cohn off-Broadway. Directed by Katrin Hilbe, the comedy will begin performances on August 25 and play a limited engagement through October 3. Opening night is set for September 2 at Theater Row’s Lion Theatre.The cast will also include Marilyn Sokol, Lee Roy Rogers, Ian Gould, Nelson Avidon, Serge Thony, Andy Reinhardt and Rebeca Fong.At the end of his colorful life, Roy Cohn awaits the inevitable, supported only by his last remaining faithful servant, Lisette. He is visited by the most important figures of his time demanding a reckoning for deeds good, bad and ugly. With bedfellows including Julius Rosenberg, Ronald Reagan, Barbara Walters, Roy’s lover Serge, his mother Dora and his youthful self, Roy is catapulted into a wacky and surreal wonderland, where his muddled reality ultimately becomes clear.The production will feature set design by Sarah Edkins, lighting design by Gertjan Houben, costume design by Karen Ledger, sound design by Andy Evan Cohen and choreography by Lisa Shriver. View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 3, 2015 Related Shows In Bed With Roy Cohnlast_img read more

  • Float Your Boat

    first_imgGear for when getting wet is mandatory or for when getting gear wet is not an option.1. Outdoor Research Sensor Dry PocketPacking portable electronics on a paddling trip can be great, even essential, but getting them wet is a disaster. The Sensor Dry Pocket features a zip top and roll closure for double protection, even when submerged. A clear front and waterproof headphone jack allows you full access to your smart phone or tablet, and with the Velcro straps, you can anchor it anywhere with no anxiety.$35; outdoorresearch.com2. DryCASE DryBUDS SportWhether you are rocking in the whitewater or jamming on the SUP, you can keep the tunes flowing if you take a swim with these waterproof ear buds. An over-the-ear clip keeps them secure during even the most active water pursuits and an extra long 54-inch cord gives you freedom on or in the water. Three size options are included and submersible up to 10 feet, so there is no fear of drowning out the sound of your favorite jams.$35; drycase.com3. Astral Buoyancy The LindaLocal buoyancy experts Astral designed The Linda for the female recreational kayaker. Environmentally friendly, durable foam is preformed for the perfect fit and the vest back features mesh ventilation for those hot days on the water. The mesh back also allows a full recline in high-seat-back recreational kayaks. Throw in large front pockets and you have the perfect PFD for all your paddling adventures.$90; 4. Pyranha ShivaLacking a true creek boat in the prodigious quiver of boats, Pyranha set out to make the fastest, most nimble boat to run the hardest whitewater and biggest drops on the planet; they may have succeeded. A wider stern, large volume, and progressive rocker make this boat incredibly fast and maneuverable in the water. It’s designed to push the boundaries with the best kayakers in the sport.$1,199; pyranha.com5. Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 BasicThis boat is built for stability, whether sitting or standing and casting. The open design provides comfort and support from flatwater up to Class II, and what it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in a low price. It can also be tricked out with virtually any accessory you can think of so no fish can hide.$799, 6. Howler Bros. Loggerhead LongsleeveSave “Sun’s out, guns out” for the frat guys; protection from the elements is the name of the game when spending a day on the water. Stay covered up without overheating in the Loggerhead. Certified SPF 45 and made from quick wicking and drying material, you can spend all day and night in this shirt. But it’s not all fun and games; you also get handy thumb loops at the cuffs and a stash pocket in the back lined with sunglass cleaning microfiber. From summer spring creeks to beach bonfires, this shirt has your back.$65;  7. TEVA Fuse-ionTEVA tapped into the mind of their paddling athletes for their latest round of water centric shoes, and the Fuse-ion reflects a return to the soul of water sports – mainly a high performance water shoe you can wear to the bar. The Fuse-ion features an upper that sheds water at a molecular level while TEVA claims its Spider Rubber outsole “will stick to a grease-covered aluminum ramp.” Not bad for a sneaker clone with retro styling out of the 50s. Feeling more casual? The heel folds down so you can slip them on and off with ease so you’ll be ready for drinks in no time.$90; teva.com8. Julbo Dolphin SunglassesNo more need for duct tape straps to prevent your shades from ending up at the bottom of the river, lake, or (gulp!) ocean. If you drop these sunglasses in the drink, they’ll stay afloat until you can get your hands back on them. The Dolphins are made from a low-density material that provides buoyancy and is also super lightweight, so you can rock them all day in comfort. They also feature polarized lenses and a snug, wrap-around style so you can stay cool while spotting fish or running rapids.$100; julbousa.comlast_img read more

  • McGrane assumes Bar presidency

    first_img McGrane assumes Bar presidency Associate Editor On the morning Coral Gables attorney Miles A. McGrane III was sworn in as the new president of The Florida Bar, he told the story of the feared warrior tribe of Africa, the fabled Masai.“When one warrior greeted another, the greeting was, ‘And how are the children?’“The traditional answer given, even by warriors with no children, was, ‘All the children are well.’”Looking out at those gathered at the General Assembly June 27 in Orlando, McGrane continued: “Just think: If every lawyer helped just one child, we could assuredly say, ‘All the children are well.’”Giving thanks for his blessings of a devoted wife Patty, and three fine children — Blake, Ashley, and Miles IV — McGrane’s first official act as the Bar’s 55th president was a passionate plea for lawyers to rise to the challenge to do more to help all of Florida’s children.The General Assembly ceremony, with the procession of past presidents and Florida Supreme Court justices, was a time to acknowledge the good works of lawyers and others, an opportunity to hear highlights from Tod Aronovitz’s year as president, and a time to look forward to reaching new goals set by new Bar leaders.And McGrane made it clear during his term as president this will be the year of the child.He praised the Young Lawyers Division for committing $25,000 toward his goal to raise $250,000 in The Lawyers Challenge for Children program that will be administered by The Florida Bar Foundation.“While this is an unprecedented sum we are seeking, we have unprecedented needs for children in Florida that must be addressed,” McGrane said.He asked lawyers to redouble their efforts in pro bono work by representing non-profit organizations that help children.The blueprint of where to begin on many reforms to help children embroiled in court proceedings already exists with the 2002 final report and recommendations of the Bar’s Commission on the Legal Needs of Children.“During this year, we will complete the commission’s work for the children,” promised McGrane, who has made helping children his top priority of his presidency.When Rev. Philip Craig, a mentor to the McGrane children and a close family friend, gave the invocation, he, too, remembered the children.“We pray this day for all children,” Rev. Craig said. “They are growing up in an unsteady and confusing world.. . . Carry them to safety.”McGrane recalled when he was young he watched a television show called “Lamp Onto my Feet,” with Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.“He ended each program by saying, ‘If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be.’”McGrane challenged Florida’s lawyers to be a beacon of positive change for children caught up in foster care, languishing in mental health facilities, trying to survive alone on the streets, and bounced around various courts – from dependency to delinquency to divorce.Other goals in the upcoming year, McGrane said, will be to continue spreading the word about the good lawyers and judges do through the Dignity in Law program launched by outgoing President Tod Aronovitz.“Though our profession is often maligned and we are used as scapegoats for our country’s ills, it is truly our profession that guarantees liberty and equal justice for all,” McGrane said.He quoted constitutional lawyer John W. Davis: “We build no bridges. We raise no towers. We construct no engines. We paint no pictures. But, we smooth out difficulties. We relieve stress. We correct mistakes. We take up other men’s burdens. And by our efforts, we make possible the peaceful life of men in a peaceful state.”McGrane described the process of shifting the costs of the courts from the counties to state government as “a painful process which will not be completed until after the next legislative session.”The Article V, Revision 7 issue, McGrane said, should not be left to Bar leadership alone.“I call on all lawyers in Florida to join with our Chief Justice to speak out on this issue,” McGrane said. “We must educate the citizens of Florida and the members of the Florida legislature the vital role our courts play in our day-to-day lives.“If fully funded, as needed, the total cost of this third branch of government— in the nation’s fourth largest state—will be only slightly more than 1 percent of the entire state budget. When the day is done, our courts must have the capacity they have today. Nothing less is acceptable. Chief Justice Anstead, you have our commitment to continue our role as guardians of the independence of the judiciary.”McGrane also pledged to continue to try to get full funding of $10 million annually for the Florida Access to Civil Legal Assistance Act, the hallmark of Terry Russell’s 2001-02 term as Bar president. While grateful for the legislature giving $1.5 million during this year’s extremely tight budget, McGrane vowed to try for much more next year.“Hopefully, we can identify a permanent funding source in the legislature so that we can count on a stable and relatively fixed amount of dollars each year,” McGrane said.McGrane has what it takes to lead Florida’s lawyers toward ambitious goals, said Frank Brogan, former lieutenant governor and now president of Florida Atlantic University, McGrane’s alma mater.“As we search for our leaders, we should look for the very best we can find. Our times dictate that we do so,” Brogan said in introducing McGrane.“In this particular case, while many will come no doubt after, the man you have called upon to represent this very, very important collegial body, that of The Florida Bar association, I can tell you without fail that he will provide for you a compass that will take you forward, with honesty, integrity and dignity.” State of The BarDignity was the catchword of outgoing President Aronovitz’s 2002-03 term. Aronovitz was proud of a huge statewide public awareness campaign called Dignity in Law that got out the message: “Our courts are open to all Floridians. The Florida Bar is the gold standard of all bar associations. And our lawyers and our judges work hard every single day for our clients, in our courtrooms, and in our communities.”His late father, Miami lawyer and federal Judge Sidney Aronovitz, was the role model for Dignity in Law.“A year ago, I stood before you asking you to help me draw a line in the sand and to stand up for our profession. We started with an idea and a lot of heart and not much more,” Aronovitz said.A year later, he shared documented results and statistics that showed the negative stories about the legal profession declined, while positive stories increased. From meetings with editorial writers, columnists, and reporters, Aronovitz said, he turned some “from foe to neutral to friend.” There were consumer promotions around the state, including halftime shows at college football games. A bi-lingual Web site gets 4,300 hits a month from people seeking to learn more about The Florida Bar. The All-Bar Conference, chaired by Alan Bookman, explored ways local bars could carry out the Dignity in Law message in their communities. A creative campaign of Blast emails sent to legislators reaped the highest award given by the Public Relations Society of America.Positive stories were pitched to the media and those stories were told.“My favorite headline was in Tallahassee: ‘Tallahassee attorney is angel of law,’ talking about an attorney named Richard Smith and his pro bono work and his efforts on behalf of senior citizens,” Aronovitz said.He beamed as he ticked off other positive stories:• Coral Gables attorney Matthew Dietz, incoming chair of the Public Interest Law Section, who made headlines when he refurbished an apartment to be accessible for a wheelchair-bound woman.• Eleventh Circuit Judge Norman Gerstein’s work to expand a summer camp program for foster kids.• Third District Court of Appeal Judge Mario Goderich, founder of the Cuban-American Bar Association, who made the news for his great work as a lawyer and judge committed to community service.“My vision of Dignity in Law is best described by author John Grisham in A Time to Kill, the compelling account of a criminal trial in a Southern town,” Aronovitz said.“In the novel, the author describes the defense attorney on the eve of trial by saying, ‘I want to be in the courtroom. I love criminal trials, big trials, where there is a life on the line and pressure so thick you can see it in the air.’”Later, Grisham describes the proud state attorney in that criminal trial: “The magnificent district attorney rose slowly and walked importantly to the bar. He explained that he was the people’s lawyer, his client the state of Mississippi. He had served as their prosecutor for nine years and it was his honor for which he would always be grateful to say that he represented the fine folks of Mississippi.’“Who presides over a case like that? The wise and fair judge of the courtroom,” Aronovitz continued. “In each civil and criminal trial, the judge is the voice of reason and the protector of the rights of the litigants, all too often criticized and not recognized enough for their diligence.“The author captured the essence of Dignity in Law. Proud attorneys and judges working hard every day for our clients, in our courtroom, and in our communities,” Aronovitz said.“I urge our Board of Governors to continue to speak to editorial boards, to our neighbors, about the pride in our profession. And the Dignity in Law program can make a difference.“Lastly, I reflect upon one of my favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson: ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’ It has been my honor to serve as your president.”One last time, Aronovitz summoned up his favorite motto, words spoken by Willie Marabel, who worked in Aronovitz’ college fraternity house, a black man with humble beginnings and an infectious positive spirit: “Don’t never give up.” McGrane assumes Bar presidency July 15, 2003 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

  • Jon Stewart Points Out Absurdity of New York’s ‘Official State Snack’ Bill

    first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York If you’re a member of the New York State Senate, this Jon Stewart clip probably won’t be on your list of “must-see videos this morning.” But residents of the Empire State—or anyone in the United States for that matter; even Republicans!—will surely appreciate Stewart making a mockery of a State Senate bill naming yogurt the official snack of New York. The Daily Show host set his sights on the legislative body after the State Senate spent a full HOUR debating why yogurt deserves the moniker: New York’s Official Snack. Actually, this was a lay up for the comedian. He didn’t have to go out of his way to bash the State Senate with rip-roaring jokes to point out the absurdity of the whole thing. NY’s lovely politicians took care of that for him. “As far as a state snack, what exactly are we defining as a snack?” asked State Sen. Gustavo Rivera. “I think it’s self-explanatory,” the bill’s sponsor State Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer shot back. “You have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then you have snacks.” Enlightening stuff. Seriously. Rivera wasn’t done: “Did you consider, say, the potato chip as a potential state snack?” “Did the sponsor consider raisins as the potential state snack?”“Did the sponsor consider, perhaps, pretzels as the potential official state snack?” Surely, Razenhofer considered all these delicious delights before deciding on yogurt. Right? “Never,” he responded to Rivera’s interrogation. Oh, boy. Well, there’s more. We don’t want to ruin it for you. Just watch. It’ll explain why everyone across America on this TGIF is bashing New York. The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebooklast_img read more

  • 3 places to do networking for your credit union

    first_imgEver wonder where the next member is coming from?  Are you looking at outside resources to ensure that your credit union is reaching enough people so that you can get enough inbound inquiries for new accounts?  When I talk to staff at credit unions during my trainings, we discuss how to get out into the community on a regular basis. More specifically we discuss where they can go to find more networking opportunities that will result in more conversations, more cups of coffee, and more new accounts at the branch!Further proof that people don’t get out enough is the self-assessment I conduct when speaking or training on these issues.  Overwhelmingly audience attendees are rating themselves below average when asked: “Do you attend networking events in the community on a regular basis?”People readily admit that they don’t do this, yet when asked where business comes from they constantly reply “Word of Mouth”.  Then when asked the follow up of “How do you create more word of mouth referrals?” The response is silence!Here are 3 places you can go for more networking opportunities!1. Your local Chamber of Commerce – Lots of events each month, most of which include networking opportunities, and others have some specific networking groups.2. BNI Local Chapter (Business Networking International) has been around since X and often times will have a seat available for someone in your branch. The key here is understanding which seat you want.3. Your branch lobby!  I’m not even kidding. Don’t look to far from home. There are 3 major opportunities that I have seen work very effectively with branches. First, consider hosting a networking event at your branch. Second, Consider hosting a weekly networking meeting at your branch. Third, utilize your lobby as a place to begin conversations with customers, that can continue in future visits, over the phone, or over coffee.  These conversations lead to more business and they certainly lead to more word of mouth referrals.Word of mouth referrals aren’t easy to come by. They take diligent and consistent work to ensure that they are coming on a regular basis. It’s imperative that you get out and about, build relationships and grow your contact base so that they have an opportunity to refer you more often when the opportunities present themselves. 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Matt Ward Matt is the founder of Breakthrough Champion…In 2002 Matt began working with business owners through his website agency, inConcert Web Solutions, to improve their bottom line, gain more clients, … Web: Detailslast_img read more

  • Turkey is growing and has achieved the second highest growth in tourist arrivals from Europe

    first_imgEuropean Tourism in 2018: Trends & Prospects (Q3/2018) It is not new news that Turkey is recovering and moving strongly to regain the tourism share it has lost since 2016 due to terrorist attacks and political instability.And this is evidenced by the concrete figures, as well as the forecasts of the European Tourism Commission, and so tourism indicators are growing after two years of crisis. A big role is played by low prices in Turkey, which are much lower than the competition, and due to inflation, which is the worst in the past 15 years, it benefits the tourism sector, ie tourists for whom Turkey is extremely favorable.European Tourism in 2018: Trends & Prospects (Q3/2018)Tako je putovanje u Tursku povoljnije za njihova glavna tržišta kao što su Rusija, Njemačka i UK.  Od siječnja do kolovoza broj dolaska je veći za 23% u odnosu na isto razdoblje, govore podaci European Tourism Commission ( European Travel Commission – ETC ) Također, nakon Slovenije, Turska je imala drugi najviši rast dolazaka turista iz Europe od siječnja do kolovoza. Upravo negativan pad u Španjolskoj od – 0.1% je prepisan ponovno dizanju Turske.But on the other hand, foreign debt and a weak league in Turkey have worried investors. How it transmits Bloomberg, ovaj tjedan Moody’s je izvijestio kako ima loše projekcije na perspektivu rasta turskoga gospodarstva zbog “relativno visokih izloženosti vanjskom financiranju”.”Turkey’s economy will slow next year due to a weak lira, which fell 30 percent against the US dollar compared to last year. ” ističe Moody’s. Tako Moody’s procjenjuje kako će tursko gospodarstvo u 2018. godini porasti za samo 1,5 posto, a sljedeće godine 2 posto, dok je ovogodišnji rast bio 3.5 posto.To sve podrazumijeva da Turska može i dalje biti privlačna za putnike iz nekih regija, ali bi mogla zaustaviti ulaganja u turističku infrastrukturu diljem zemlje. I putnici će vjerojatno platiti više za svoje hotele. Analiza Europske turističke komisije pokazala je kako su hoteli u Turskoj iskoristili tečaj i povećali stope – što je 5,1 posto u eurima. Europska turistička komisija:  Turska bi se već sljedeće godine mogla vratiti na razinu 2016.godineMany of the best markets in Turkey are recording double-digit numbers this year for arrivals, but are still below pre-2016 levels in absolute terms. According to estimates by the European Tourism Commission, if growth continues at current rates, Turkey could return to 2016 levels as early as next year.Croatian tourism grew by about 5.5% this year, which was the projection at the beginning of the year, which, taking into account the large growth of the last two years, is an excellent growth. But, of course, the question is until when to watch only the growth, because in the last two years it has been clear on the ground that our destinations are cracking at the seams. Also, in part, the growth was certainly generated by the crisis in Turkey, and what the next tourist year will look like, given Turkey’s awakening, remains to be seen.Also, the question is how much have we used the decline of Turkey and Greece in the last two years in positioning our tourism story and offer, as well as the interest of the global media i.e. the fact that we are in trend?The trend lasts for 3-5 years, and then the focus of global media turns to new markets. Five years ago, we could only dream that all global tourist media would write about Croatia and advertise us for free, which has been the case for the last few years. Did we take our chance? What message and story did we tell about our tourism and how did we position it?But the main question for me is, why do we look at Turkey and Greece as our competitors? They should not be our competitors, but as long as we continue to sell sun and sea, it is certain that the situation in Turkey and Greece will continue to dictate our tourist trends. We need to stop looking only at growth and clean numbers, ie counting nights and arrivals, and transform our tourism to quality, authenticity and diversity of offer and content, and accordingly higher prices, ie value for money, which is very low.We have to be the tailors of our destiny, and for that we have to start telling our authentic stories, and not fit into the standardization of the tourist offer. The only solution is strategic and sustainable development and authenticity as the key to success.Attachment: EUROPEAN TOURISM IN 2018: TRENDS & PROSPECTS / Quarterly Report (Q3/2018)last_img read more

  • The first post-crown MIM (Meeting Industry Meeting) of an educational nature has been announced

    first_img“It is an educational gathering during which we will show on concrete examples how to organize hotel business in accordance with the prescribed measures of the CNIPH”, Explained Jutt Ferlan, adding that the gathering will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, which is part of the Zagreb City Hotels group.  The easing of measures for rallies brings congress and business tourism back to life, or at least it is starting to wake up. Immediately after the announcement of the easing of measures, Joseph Jutt Ferlan, President of the Association of Hoteliers of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Director of Zagreb City Hotels announced that for agencies and event organizers who are members of the Croatian Association of Congress Tourism Professionals (HUPKT) and the Business Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will organize the first post-crown MIM (Meeting Industry Meeting) .  “The easing of measures means that the congress industry, as an important segment of our tourism and economy, is coming back to life”, Said the president of the Business Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Jasmina Bilać.  MIM is scheduled for Thursday, May 28, at 15 p.m., and for members of the Business Tourism Association HGK and HUKPT outside Zagreb who want to attend the gathering, the hosts offered free accommodation in their hotels and appealed to guests to adhere to the prescribed measures on distance and hand disinfection.  From the middle of next week, new recommendations and measures for the organization of gatherings will come into force, according to which up to 100 visitors will be able to gather indoors, and up to 300 visitors in outdoor areas. Photo: Hilton Garden Inn Zagreblast_img read more

  • Honor country by standing for the flag

    first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion I understand letting young people make their own decisions. I believe sometimes someone needs to step in and ask these questions: Will what you are doing hurt anyone? What other ways can you get your point across?I also understand about the First Amendment. I don’t believe it was intended to be used as an excuse for the disrespect of our national anthem.I know we learned about honoring our country, our flag and our national anthem from our parents and in elementary school.I stand when our flag passes in review. Do you?Marion FosterGlenvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

  • Discover Pennsylvania’s Fall Foliage by Water, Air, Car, or Foot

    first_img The Blog Crisp crimsons, burnt oranges, and vibrant yellows saturate Pennsylvania’s lush landscapes in the fall. Whether you’re venturing by water, air, or foot, there are plenty of ways to take in the beauty of fall foliage across Pennsylvania.By Water:Minutes from Hersheypark, Cocoa Kayaks of Hershey offers access to the pristine, tree-lined Swatara Creek, boasting 60 miles of gentle waters running from Pine Grove to the Susquehanna River in Middletown. Kayak along the remains of the historic Union Canal for an exclusive fall experience.Enjoy the majestic fall foliage around Conneaut Lake as you take a ride on the Barbara J. Sternwheeler. Learn about the rich history of Pennsylvania’s largest natural glacier lake, and enjoy a day out with family or fun afternoon with friends.Relax and view vibrant colors of foliage while observing wildlife as you cruise along on the Princess or Proud Mary at Raystown Lake.Cruise along on the Nautical Nature Pontoon Cruises operated by the Moraine Preservation Fund. This 45-passenger enclosed pontoon boat offers interpretive boat tours on Lake Arthur while you get a glimpse at the wildlife and picturesque fall foliage landscape.By Air:Soar above the skies as you survey changing leaves from above on hot air balloon rides by the United States Hot Air Balloon Team. The balloon ride takes you above scenic Lancaster County, where you can view the vibrant patchwork colors of PA Dutch Country’s agricultural landscape.By Foot:Green Lake Park includes three bodies of water that stretch across more than 870 acres. Explore the 26 miles of hiking trails that offer vantage points of fall foliage and wildlife, or bring a blanket for a picnic.Enjoy fiery foliage at one or all of Cumberland Valley’s three parks. Head to Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch for a glimpse of the leaves and birds.Get out and explore stunning views along some of Lehigh Valley’s unbeatable trails. The D&L National Heritage Trail passes through the region, offering scenic views along the waterfront. Take a drive along the Covered Bridge Tour for a relaxing way to admire the foliage. The drive spans approximately 50 miles and showcases no less than seven bridges.Hike Buttermilk Falls in Indiana County, under a fall canopy of reds, oranges and yellows to enjoy the 48-acre natural area nestled within the breathtaking Laurel Ridge.By Car:The three counties of the Endless Mountains offer panoramic vistas highlighting fall’s brilliant and bountiful colors! Elk Mountain, the highest altitude ski resort in the state, the agricultural farmlands along the Susquehanna River near Tunkhannock, and forests viewed from High Knob Overlook in Worlds End State Park are just some of the scenic stops you will discover on one of the Leaf Peeper Road Trips listed on Pick your autumn-charmed destination, and we’ve got the trip details ready for you.Stay Connected:Follow Pennsylvania’s fall foliage updates on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) and use the hashtag #FallinPA to share.For more fall attractions and events, visit and sign up for our monthly newsletter. By: Carrie Fischer Lepore, Deputy Secretary for the Office of Tourism, Marketing and Film Discover Pennsylvania’s Fall Foliage by Water, Air, Car, or Foot September 22, 2016   SHARE  TWEET Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

  • Parents prop up schools to tune of $250m

    first_imgSunday Star Times 26 February 2012New Zealand parents are forking out a quarter of a billion dollars a year in school “donations” to help prop up schools. With an average cost of running a large secondary school estimated by principals at $10 million, that means parents are fully funding the equivalent of 25 big high schools – buildings, equipment, maintenance and wages. Increasingly donations are being used to pay for one of the most important areas of the curriculum – new technology.The struggle to keep students up-to-date with fast moving technology, vital to the country’s future, is bringing the issue to a head, principals say. Teachers and parent groups alike say the concept of “free education” is nonsense and the education system is dependent on parents propping it up. Secondary School Principals Association president Patrick Walsh, principal of John Paul College in Rotorua, said: “I think the concept of free education at best is seen as aspirational, or is seen as disingenuous by those who propose it.” Education Minister Hekia Parata said: “Schooling has always had a cost. That cost has principally been met by the government of the day, and that continues to be the case now.” She says parents have always – and will always – need to pick up some cost.But parents are saying the donations and fees demanded by schools are getting too much. According to information gained under the Official Information Act by lobby group Family First, the amount of school voluntary donations paid by families in the past four years has totalled more than $1 billion – $234m (2007), $247m (2008), $272m (2009), and $266m in 2010.…Bob McCroskrie, national director of Family First NZ, said: “Despite the Education Act saying that state school education is free, this is completely removed from the truth. Families are forking out large amounts to help schools meet their budgets and provide core services.” Walsh said: “The reality is schools couldn’t afford to function without a contribution from parents or finding some other secondary income stream.”$266.7 million donated to school system in 2010Radio NZ News 26 Feb 2012$266-point-7-million-donated-to-school-system-in-2010Parents have paid up ‘$1bn in school fees’NZ Herald 26 Feb 2012 parents pay schools $2mWairarapa Times-Age 1 March 2012State funding for Wairarapa schools is being propped up by an extra $2.6 million a year in school fees and grants. read more