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  • Butaw, Tarjuowon on Course in GVL MOU Discussion

    first_imgA two part Global Witness report accusing Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) of grabbing land from local residents and violating their sacred shrines could not be substantiated when local journalists paid a four-day visit to Greenville and interacted with the people in the areas mentioned.Journalists who conducted independent investigations early last week gathered, after interviews with citizens in Tarjuowon and Butaw that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with GVL is effectively on course.Butaw and Tarjuowon residents pointed out they are committed to uphold the terms and conditions of the MoU with GVL and to date there has been no disagreement or misunderstanding between the parties on any of the terms.They told journalists at two town hall meetings held in two administrative districts in Sinoe County that GVL authorities have shown genuine commitment to all their corporate social responsibilities.Commissioner of the Statutory District of Butaw, Togba Bestman, pointed out that the Global Witness reports do not reflect the current realities on the ground and are intended to sow seeds of disunity to retard progress in the district.“We are in serious negotiations on the various drafted MOUs and the GVL managers and our government have recognized us as the custodians of the land since we started doing business with them in Butaw District in Sinoe County,” Mr. Bestman said.Elder Dennis T.W. Jabbah of Butaw noted that statements published on their behalf in Monrovia by international organizations are far from the truth and do not represent the citizens on the ground.The women’s president of Butaw District, Madam Martha Bloh, underscored the need for Butaw citizens living in Monrovia and other parts of the world to join them in actions that will bring development to the area.“We are tired of living in poverty. GVL has brought some relief and sanity to underdeveloped communities in our districts and therefore we are against any form of division and cheap politics,” Madam Bloh stressed.Paramount Chief Nehemiah W. Jabbah called on citizens who are against GVL’s operations in Sinoe to drop their protest and join the bandwagon for economic and social development.“Our past dispute with GVL on the company’s operations in our district, Butaw, is finally over and we want to move ahead with our lives as we go through the MoU negotiations,” said Chief Jabbah.For too long, he added, Butaw, Tarjuowon and Kpanyan districts have been neglected by successive Liberian governments in the areas of development and education.A youth leader of Butaw in a brief statement called on youths of other districts to stay engaged with GVL in order to ensure that the company remains committed to all the MOUs under discussion in its three operational areas in Sinoe County.“The government of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has demonstrated to our districts in Sinoe County that we are part and parcel of our national development through GVL operations,” he noted.In Tarjuowon District, the citizens, through some of their leaders, expressed indignation with the Global Witness reports and rejected claims by Global Witness that GVL violated their cultural shrines, noting that they are involved in all GVL land acquisitions through legal channels in Sinoe County.“We want to emphasize that GVL has not forced any community to take their land and all discussions have been centered on how to implement our MoU and other critical socioeconomic matters,” Nathan Kateh, a senior citizen, asserted.On the deployment of armed ERU police officers on Butaw oil palm plantation, citizens said when a violent protest occurred in the area about a year ago, the Liberian government deployed security personnel on the plantation to protect GVL’s investment in the district.At a community town hall in Kilo in Kpanyan District, the Tartweh citizens outlined several development projects such as schools, clinics and roads aimed at benefiting their people that GVL has not yet completed.Prior to GVL operations in their district, Kpanyan citizens claimed that their livelihood depended on fishing, hunting and cash crops; and now that GVL cleared their land for oil palm plantations, such business activities no longer exist.In reaction, a GVL official told journalists that alternatives have been provided through the employment of several citizens of Kpanyan, especially those residing in Panama, Kilo and Tartweh Towns in Sinoe County.Andrew Kluth, GVL’s principal technical advisor and Vice President for Sustainability, also told journalists that GVL has connected several towns and villages with farm to market roads in Kpanyan District.“We do not carry out our oil palm plantation in disputed land areas and such disputes are left with the Liberian government and communities to resolve. And if there are genuine challenges and mistakes made during the course of negotiations, GVL will take the appropriate steps to correct same,” he said.In Butaw, Kluth disclosed that a new school and clinic have been built to serve GVL employees and citizens of the district.Mr. Kluth noted that the GVL agreement is signed for 65 years, adding that the company will not be in business to violate the rights of people they hope to be in partnership with over such a long period of time. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Suspects still hospitalised, under guard as probe continues

    first_imgEBD execution-style killingThe suspects, who were nabbed for the execution-style killing of 35-year-old Kelvin Walters at Eccles on the East Bank of Demerara, are still hospitalised and under police surveillance as the investigation continues.Divisional Commander of A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara), Marlon Chapman made this disclosure to the Guyana Times on Saturday.“They’re in hospital under guard,” Chapman said.The suspects were nabbed while receiving treatment after Police ranks swooped down at a private city hospital.According to Police, both men were being treated for injuries consistent with that of a motor vehicle accident.On Tuesday evening at about 19:30h, chaos and confusion hovered on the East Bank of Demerara when the suspects who were on a motorcycle, rode up alongside Walters, who was in his car PXX 1509.This publication understands the man was shot to his face by one of the men on the motorcycle after he refused to pull in the corner. After being shot, Walters reportedly slammed into the two men on the bike.Based on reports received, the two men fell onto the roadway but hurriedly got up and made good their escape on foot leaving the motorcycle and a weapon at the scene.However, an injured Walters was pulled from his motorcar and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. At the time of the shooting incident, his wife and daughter were in the vehicle and would have sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision.Walters was reportedly and ex-soldier and worked as a bodyguard at a mining company up to the time of his demise. He is said to be the main witness in a case which is expected to come up in the High Court shortly.last_img read more

  • Govt’s Cultural Advisor, Chronicle Director calls for “torching” of Guyana Times, Evening News/TVG

    first_imgRuel Johnson, Cultural Policy Advisor to the Government of Guyana and a Director of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL), which publishes the Chronicle, on Monday called for the “torching” of the Sanata Complex, which houses most prominently, the Guyana Times newspaper, Television Guyana (TVG) and Radio Guyana Inc 89.5.Cultural Policy Advisor to the Government of Guyana Ruel JohnsonOn his Facebook page, the Cultural Policy Advisor at the Education Ministry and Director of GNNL stated bluntly, “Here’s my idea for a united Guyanese protest against impunity and tenderpreneurship – go break down all the parking meters and then proceed to torch the Sanata complex.” Johnson explicitly made the connection between the Sanata Complex, QAII, its owner and the Media Group consisting of the Guyana Times newspaper, Television Guyana (TVG) and Radio Guyana Inc (89.5), which would all be torched when he later explained in his post: “QAII metastasized into further issues like drug procurement and media acquisition, costing taxpayers billions and resulting in untold consequences both direct and indirect.” This is not the first time that Johnson is making discriminatory and inciting comments on social media about provoking violence. In 2016, Johnson was lambasted by Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira for a similar outburst, in which she called on Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnarine, to terminate Johnson’s contract.According to Teixeira, Johnson does not have an understanding of the role his position has in shaping society and is reckless in his statements. She had pointed out that the Constitution of Guyana speaks to the issue of anti-discrimination and noted that a person who holds the responsibilities of culture must be sensitive to Guyana’s multi-cultural nature.Cautioned by one respondent that he could be seen as inciting “arson and vandalism”, Ruel Johnson mocked one of the above named persons with a pejorative that he had tagged her earlier, “Of course – I’m giving a toss-up between Rima Roti and Gail Rwanda Jr.”Meanwhile, only last year East Bank Essequibo resident, Bibi Safora Salim, who used social media to issue threatening and derogatory statements against President David Granger was charged, placed on bail and then tried by the courts. Unlike that case which was dismissed because there was no specific offence committed, according to the Magistrate, in this instance, incendiary threats to 5520 followers to “torch” specific premises presented a clear and present threat.Similarly, Tameshwar Beekham, a self-professed A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) supporter, was charged and fined after he issued death threats on social media against the life of former President and Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo and other Parliamentarians of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).last_img read more

  • Landlord shoots former tenant who attempts to set him on fire

    first_imgForty-two-year-old John Ramanand, a landlord and licensed firearm holder of Lot 109 Thomas Street, Kitty Georgetown, did not hesitate to fire three bullets that injured former tenant Chezley Tyndall, a 50-year-old taxi driver of Lot 809 Block V Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, who allegedly attempted to set him on fire.Reports are that on Friday at about 09:00h, Ramanand was at a curtain store on Regent Street, between Albert and Light streets, when he was confronted by Tyndall, who allegedly poured on him what is suspected to be gasoline while screaming that he would kill him.Tyndall then reportedly reached for his lighter, but Ramanand drew his Taurus .32 handgun and discharged three rounds that struck Tyndall about his body.This newspaper was told that the dispute between the two started some time ago, after Tyndall paid Ramanand a security deposit of $60,000 to rent an apartment. He later moved out, and there was a dispute over the security deposit.Tyndall received bullet wounds to his left hand and left foot, and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), where he is receiving medical attention.Ramanand, meanwhile, remains in Police custody with his firearm lodged while investigations continue.Police have since collected surveillance footage from nearby businesses to verify the businessman’s version of the events.last_img read more

  • Cops catch weekend impaired drivers

    first_imgMounties say each of the four local collision fatalities this year have involved either aggressive driving, seatbelt non-compliance, or impaired driving. Local officers also warn of the dangerous road conditions in the winter months that lie ahead. Police will be watching for seatbelt compliance, and speeding, but will be making it a priority to remove impaired drivers from the roads. Local RCMP detachments are reporting an alarming number of impaired drivers on the roads this month. Peace Region RCMP Traffic Services, along with officers from the Dawson Creek and Prince George detachment, cracked down on seatbelt compliance and drunk driving this weekend.The enforcement was conducted along the Alaska Highway and rural roadways in Fort St. John. – Advertisement -From September 24th to the 26th, officers apprehended 24 impaired drivers, and also issued twenty-one 24-hour driving suspensions, 64 seatbelt violations, 72 speeding violations, and 102 other traffic violations.Officers also charged one male with possession of a controlled substance, three prohibited drivers were apprehended, one criminal code warrant was executed, and two other criminal code offences were issued. This brings September’s figure for impaired drivers apprehended up to 80. Advertisementlast_img read more

  • NDP calls out Pimm on HST initiative

    first_imgRoutley says a third option could be for the committee to do nothing and simply ignore the petition.He says the province should have had a vote on the HST instead of having the Liberals sign the agreement without having discussed it during the 2009 election campaign.[asset|aid=3117|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=83607deee567cd111f6725b905aeadf7-Routley HST 1_1_Pub.mp3] There are four NDP members and six Liberal members that sit on the committee.Advertisement The provincial NDP is calling on the MLA for Peace River North to meet with the party members to address the HST initiative and the petition.Last Wednesday, B.C.’s Chief Electoral Officer, Craig James, ruled that the Fight HST petition was valid, but that he would not act on the initiative.The NDP is challenging the committee members not to wait until the legislature is in session in the fall, but rather to begin discussions on the petition immediately, says Jennifer Jones an NDP spokesperson.- Advertisement -Jones says if the committee meets to discuss the HST initiative, its two most likely options are to either have a free vote in the legislature – where MLAs vote based on their constituents’ opinions and regardless of their party – or to have a provincial referendum in which B.C. residents can vote on the initiative.Bill Routley is the MLA for the Cowichan Valley and is the NDP representative for the Peace River Region. He says he believes the most preferable option would be to have a referendum.[asset|aid=3116|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=83607deee567cd111f6725b905aeadf7-Routley HST 2_1_Pub.mp3] Advertisement Pimm was one of several Liberal MLAs that had more people in the riding sign a petition against the HST than had voted for him in the 2009 election. Pimm received a total 3,666 votes, accounting for 43.44 per cent of the votes in the election.However, there was a total 8,303 constituents that signed the petition against the HST initiative in his riding.Pimm refused to comment on the matter, saying all questions regarding the initiative should be directed to the committee’s chair, Terry Lake. Terry Lake was unavailable for comment.last_img read more

  • Ministry to start road bans Wednesday

    first_imgThe Ministry of Transportation will implement road bans starting Wednesday at 10a.m.Effective 10a.m., Wednesday March 30, all provincial side roads paved or gravel within the North and South Peace, except for those listed in the attached document, are restricted to 70% legal axle loading.The Sierra Yo-yo Desan Road will be restricted to 100% legal axel loading between 10a.m. And 10p.m. Starting Wednesday March 30.- Advertisement -For more information on the restrictions in Peace River North or Peace River South, check the attached documents or click here.Canadian Natural Resources has already started to restrict travel on all CNRL roads to vehicles over one tonne. Vehicles over one tonne may only travel between 10p.m. And 10a.m.If you know of any other road bans, please let us know, by calling 250-787-7100 or email Advertisementlast_img read more

  • Raging gusts fan fires, knock out power

    first_imgThe strong winds resulted from the collision of the jet stream with a cold front that swept down from the Northwest, said Curt Kaplan, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. They were expected to subside today. Downed power lines cut electricity to an estimated 80,000 utility customers in Los Angeles and 20,000 in the Santa Clarita, San Gabriel and Antelope valleys, officials said. Winds also snapped off tree branches and sent debris flying. Several cars were reported damaged by fallen branches, but no injuries were reported. Police closed an 85-mile-long stretch of Highway58 from Bakersfield to Boron. And a sandstorm triggered a 17-car pileup near Newberry Springs that killed two people along Interstate40. “There are times when you can’t even see the roads,” said Rod Van Norman, superintendent of the Southern Kern Unified School District in Rosamond. “One of our bus drivers said they almost got hit by a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood.” A wind-fanned fire also burned 25 acres near Pearblossom and Sierra highways in the Antelope Valley and threatened several homes. Staff Writers Rick Coca and Jim Skeen and The Associated Press contributed to this report. (818) 713-3664160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “I’ve lived here 40 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Sybil Israel, whose home in the 2000 block of Beverly Drive was in the path of the fire. “It’s not knowing what’s going to happen that’s so scary.” Five water-dropping helicopters and 200 firefighters from the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Los Angeles County fire departments were called in amid fears that blowing embers would ignite tinder-dry brush in the rugged canyons nearby. “It was an extreme challenge for the firefighters with the winds,” Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Ron Myers said. “The flames were coming at them. It feels like opening a hot oven, with that radiant heat blowing at you.” Authorities evacuated nearby homes even as other residents tried to get into the area. They were stopped by officials who blocked off Beverly Boulevard, Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Franklin Canyon Drive. “I’ve got to go through! I’ve got to get home! I have a sick wife!” one man shouted. Winds gusting to 100 mph roared across Southern California on Thursday, uprooting trees, knocking out power and fanning a brushfire that damaged four multimillion-dollar homes in Beverly Hills. Caused by the collision of the jet stream and a powerful cold front, the winds raked the region from the High Desert to the South Bay. Strong gusts knocked out power to an estimated 100,000 customers and triggered a blinding sandstorm blamed for causing a fatal crash near Barstow. Mojave Airport in the Antelope Valley clocked a gust at 107mph. Winds fanned several brushfires, including one that blackened 50acres in Beverly Hills, destroying one mansion and damaging three others. last_img read more

  • Costacurta hails Balotelli return, Mancini vows Italy ‘rebirth’

    first_img0Shares0000Mario Balotelli has not played for Italy since the 2014 World Cup but has been playing well for Nice © AFP/File / VALERY HACHEMILAN, Italy, May 20 – Top Italian FA official Alessandro Costacurta on Sunday welcomed Roberto Mancini’s decision to recall Nice striker Mario Balotelli as the new Italy coach promised a “rebirth” of the national side.Balotelli, who has not played since Italy’s humiliating group-stage exit from the 2014 World Cup, has been recalled by Mancini for three upcoming friendlies. And Costacurta said Balotelli’s form at Nice had warranted him being given another a chance.“Becoming a parent does change you and nobody can attest that more than Mancini,” said the former AC Milan defender and current federation deputy commissioner.“I think Balotelli’s performances on the field were worthy of a call-up.”Balotelli — who Mancini coached at both Inter Milan and Manchester City — has scored 13 goals in 33 appearances for the Azzurri but had been overlooked due to behavioural issues.Mancini took over last Monday, six months after Gian Piero Ventura was sacked following Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup in Russia, and takes charge of his first game against Saudi Arabia in St Gallen, Switzerland on May 28.“Usually big disappointments can lead to great triumphs,” said Mancini.“In difficult moments that is when Italy found their pride and these players must take us back to the top of the world, where we deserve to be.“I want this to be the Italy of rebirth.”Mancini and Costacurta were speaking on the sidelines of the Kick-Off 2018 event organised by the Italian FA at Coverciano, near Florence.“I think Italy are still a football superpower, as we have 50 million coaches,” joked Mancini about Italy’s passionate fans.“I’m always very positive in general, even if people say Italy no longer has as much talent.“We had perhaps too much talent all together when we won the World Cup, but now we just need to give them time to grow and develop, keep the faith towards a good future.“Our football philosophy helped us win four World Cups and lose three finals.“Perhaps we’ve done better than Brazil all things considered, as we played more finals, even if we could never play as well as them, or like Spain in recent years.”Meanwhile, Costacurta said he hoped goalkeeping great Gianluigi Buffon — the holder of a record 176 caps — would have a change of heart and play one final friendly.“I’m sorry that Buffon does not want to do a goodbye with the national team like he did with Juventus, it would have been nice if all of Italy could have thanked him for what he has done over the years.“At this stage, I don’t think he’s going to change his mind, even though it doesn’t hurt to make a call or a text.”The Italians will play further friendlies against France in Nice on June 1 and the Netherlands, who also failed to reach the World Cup, three days later in Turin.0Shares0000(Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

  • First Bondy, now Messi: The incredible rise of Kylian Mbappe

    first_imgBut the mural has now gone, with Mbappe instead popping up a few kilometres away at the Stade de France.Outside the national stadium, Nike have reworked their famous Eric Cantona advert from the 1990s: “’98 was a great year for French football. Kylian was born.”Two decades after Zinedine Zidane’s face was projected onto the Arc de Triomphe in the wake of France’s World Cup final win over Brazil, Mbappe carries the hopes of a nation into Saturday’s last-16 tie with Argentina in Kazan.Back in Bondy, they are proud of a player who is already a superstar despite not turning 20 until December.“It had become a tourist attraction in the town. Lots of people would come especially to take photos, even Asian tourists,” says 17-year-old Wael of the now-departed mural.“He is our boy from the street who has gone on to be a success, so he is an example for us all.”From the town’s Stade Leo-Lagrange to Monaco, a record transfer to PSG and now a World Cup tie against Lionel Messi’s Argentina, Mbappe’s trajectory is the stuff of dreams.“The example of Kylian means that all the youngsters see themselves in him,” Athmane Airouche, the president of the local club AS Bondy, told AFP.Kylian Mbappe training with the France team ahead of their clash with Argentina © AFP / FRANCK FIFE“He is the best player to come out of Bondy but we have brought through a fair few: more than 30 professionals!“We really work hard at youth development. The advice that Kylian got is the same that the youngsters get now. For us there is no difference between a good player and an average one.”He adds: “The main thing is to explain to them that while football is great, their studies are even better. If things are not going well at school, they don’t play football.”– A sporting family –The young Kylian was determined to follow in the footsteps of his “brother” Jires Kembo, who was raised by the Mbappe family after moving to France from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and who went on to become a professional, moving from Bondy to start out at Rennes.Mbappe began playing as a four-year-old and it was only a few years later that it became clear he had an extraordinary talent that would eventually lead PSG to make him the second most expensive player in the world at 180 million euros ($210 million).“Kylian was very quickly spotted and in local tournaments he sort of became the ‘starlet’. He is a boy who has never been anonymous, never just one player among many others,” explained Ilyes Ramdani, who came up against Mbappe on the pitches of the Paris suburbs and is now a journalist.“Physically, he was much more frail and slender, but he was just as talented on the ball, and he had this exceptional ability in one-on-one situations that I have never seen since.“He has progressed, obviously, but you get the impression that he is still the same kid today.”Mbappe was mollycoddled by parents heavily involved in the local community and sporting scene — his father Wilfried is a coach at AS Bondy, his mother Fayza is a former handball player.They helped nurture his career along from the French national football centre at Clairefontaine to the Monaco academy and now PSG and the national team.“He wants us to be like his son, so that we succeed in life. He tells us to keep training hard, never give up. He is a great coach,” says Chakib, who played under Wilfried Mbappe in AS Bondy’s under-15 team last year.“He was an extraordinary player, a midfielder, a number 10. As a coach, he can be hard, even towards his friends,” adds Airouche, who played with and under Mbappe senior.That upbringing has been key to the rise of Kylian, who on Saturday has the chance to take the next step to French national hero.0Shares0000(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Des collégiens de Bondy, la ville où a grandi Kylian Mbappé, posent avec l’attaquant de l’équipe de France, à la fin d’un entraînement à Istra en Russie, le 27 juin 2018 © AFP / FRANCK FIFEBONDY, France, Jun 29 – Only a short cycle up the canal from central Paris towards the French capital’s deprived northern suburbs lies Bondy, the hometown of boy wonder Kylian Mbappe.Until recently, next to the canal and the busy flyovers, on the side of a block of flats, was a mural of Mbappe, arms crossed in a Paris Saint-Germain shirt. It was accompanied by the slogan “Bondy, Villes des Possibles” — the town where anything is possible.last_img read more