A number of city centre overdoses linked to gangs toxic drug mixing

first_img Share Tweet Email Monday 1 May 2017, 12:10 AM Image: Shutterstock/RCH Photography A number of city centre overdoses linked to gang’s toxic drug mixing in flats complex Heroin and cocaine were being cut in the same location. By Garreth MacNamee 15 Comments May 1st 2017, 12:10 AM 24,479 Views Image: Shutterstock/RCH Photography Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3356909 A POTENTIALLY LETHAL batch of heroin which was being prepared in a city centre flat complex is responsible for a number of recent overdoses in Dublin.There has been at least two deaths in the last two weeks in relation to what is suspected to be the same heroin.In one incident, gardaí raided a flats complex in the south inner city where they discovered a makeshift drug cutting enterprise. A handgun, cash and supplies of other illegal drugs were discovered. Cocaine with a very high purity was discovered. This drug was expected to be cut using the same facilities, a possibly lethal practice for those who consume drugs.There have been some high-profile overdoses in recent weeks. Friends of some senior criminal figures, unconnected with the Hutch-Kinahan feud, have been brought to hospital after taking contaminated drugs.Gardaí believe they know the identities of the men involved in the preparation of the illegal drugs. These are men who would be supplied with the initial batch of purer drugs by the Kinahan cartel.Well-placed sources have told TheJournal.ie that high-ranking members of the Kinahan cartel are unhappy with the way in which their drugs are being mixed and sold in certain parts of the city.The Irish Sun has also reported on how low-level drug suppliers have been using council-owned sheds to mix drugs.City councillor Daithí de Róiste told TheJournal.ie that he finds the whole practice shocking.“It’s madness that you have such large quantities of drugs and weapons near where children are playing. There are innocent, hard-working families who are trying to get on with their lives. They don’t need this criminality where they live. I want to congratulate the gardaí on their work.”Read: ‘We can’t keep our head in the sand’: Only 3 armed gardaí covering Dublin Airport >Read: At least two arrested over ’tissue packet begging scam’ on Irish trains > Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img

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