Twitter bot automatically argues with climate change deniers

first_imgWhen you feel passionately about the wrong-headedness of a subject, you oftentimes find yourself repeating the exact same arguments over and over again to combat other people’s ignorance. It can get tedious. What if you could just build a robot to automatically make those arguments for you, though? That’s just what one software developer did on Twitter.Software developer Nigel Leck believes strongly in human-caused climate change, and he got sick of making the same arguments over and over again to climate change deniers. His solution? An excellent Twitter Bot called @AI_AGW that prowls the Twitter feeds, looking for phrases that commonly pop up in the arguments of climate change deniers, and then automatically refuting them. How’s it work? Simple. As it turns out, when you have to make the same argument against something, you’re usually responding to the same argument for it. @AI_AGW capitalizes on this principle by using a database where phrases common in specific arguments made by climate change deniers are linked to refuting statements and source links.It’s a nifty (albeit slightly snotty) system to get the message out. Of course, like any other software bot, @AI_AGW can sometimes mess up and start challenging people who don’t actually deny that climate change has human causes. In that case, Leck apologizes in person.Cool, but man, I hope this idea doesn’t catch on: I don’t really want to have my every tweet challenged by a bunch of automated Twitter bots with an axe to grind.Read more at Technology Reviewlast_img

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