Spanish Prime Minister Asks EU to Give Morocco Funding to Handle

Rabat – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has supported Morocco’s request for resources to tackle undocumented migration and border issues.Sanchez allegedly sent a letter to the European Union Commission, urging it to provide Morocco with emergency assistance to face the challenges of undocumented migration to Europe.A gateway to both Africa and Europe, Morocco has been receiving hundreds of sub-Saharan migrants and refugees in recent years. According to British news outlet Euractiv, the EU has “approved” a €55 million grant to assist Morocco. The fund falls within the EU’s Border Management program and will provide resources for border guards in Morocco.EU officials told the outlet that the letter included other demands from several other governments, adding that the commission is “quickly” responding to the requests.The call for cooperation followed the latest crossing of nearly 700 migrants, who violently stormed the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the morning of July 26.On July 27, Spanish news outlet La Sexta quoted journalist Ignacio Cembrero as saying that Morocco’s Ministry of Interior has responded to Spain’s request, asking for €60 million in resources.“Morocco has drafted a long list of resources, including vehicles, helicopters, riot gear and radars, worth 60 million euros to fight irregular migration,” reported to La Sexta.Morocco’s stance is clearKing Mohammed VI has expressed interest in solving migration issues in Africa, urging leaders to increase efforts to address the issue.Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita has said that migration requires concrete measures.After a meeting with Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell in June, Bourita said that his country would refuse any action from the European Union to outsource migrant reception centers to Morocco, describing such a solution as “easy.”The minister added that such steps cannot solve the issue of migrants but are “counterproductive” measures.Hundreds of migrants have also chosen the North African country as a destination instead of just a transit country.In May, Morocco’s National Committee in Charge of Monitoring Immigrant Regularization announced that the country is taking measures to regularize over 24,000 undocumented migrants.

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