Month: November 2017

  • Love Shanghai 2 strong incoming Scindapsus algorithm how to deal with the Shanghai Dragon

    All the contents above


    dear webmaster friends:

    third, the appropriate punishment for bearing release the soft site, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news source.


    today (July 1, 2013), love Shanghai Webmaster Platform again announced: "love the sea green 2 update notice" algorithm. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the promotion of the soft chain of garbage. The following is love Shanghai announcement: 2 Scindapsus algorithm read more

  • The chain has to return to the essence of owners still do what

    is to get the user profitable webmaster.

    remember when just do the webmaster, we talk about the chain effect should be the most highly ranked, a chain for the emperor let many webmaster friends have tasted the sweetness, regardless of the website can be seen everywhere on the crazy hair of the chain webmaster or promotion personnel. However, at the beginning of last year to 628, so a lot of turmoil sustained by the chain of people fall into the abyss, what are we still doing extrapolation webmaster personnel read more

  • The basic steps of the novice to do keyword optimization


    1, home to the keywords and description information of the target site is ready, then do three labels (TITLE, keywords, description) work modification and optimization, can refer to the following sample site:

    love Shanghai keyword optimization now for the website title label and describe the modification times and frequency of personal feeling more and more strict control, if a short time changes frequently, K station or drop right is the most basic, so for sex optimization of Shanghai friends to say, before a lot of work best at the early stage of love Shanghai this is not included to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the modification of love Shanghai included, talking about the process of the following steps: read more

  • Detailed site is director of tail keywords Trilogy

    two, you can use the long tail keywords screening

    selection made statements, can be applied in their own station. User habits are generally look left look right, and the layout of Title habits should also be like this set, the left is important, so favorable to the user first saw the key information we want to express. Is the same as in the article page inside, important information directly on the title or the head of the most conspicuous place, that it is also one of the methods highlighted with bold labels. read more

  • How to use QQ space optimization ranking

    The Tencent

    allows us to analyze its practice, we first look at the key words in the QQ space and the title and description. When I click on the snapshot found love Shanghai love Shanghai does not seem to store the snapshot, click the QQ snapshot directly into the address space, the do not know why, see a snapshot of Sogou is snapshot. Leave aside the first snapshot through the source file look at the title is QQ space name +[QQ address space, keywords are fixed "QQ space, yellow diamond, free dress, happy farm, QQ farm, QQ ranch, the key now is not on the search engine is very important, only the title and description can be set to no the problem, title and description are spatial data set in space inside the set, the space name is to set the title, that is described. This title may be provided to the site keywords and describe and repeat keywords. read more