Month: November 2020

  • Police in Nevada Reveal New Details About Episode That Left 4 Dead

    first_imgThe episode began around 11 a.m. Tuesday, when the police were called to an apartment complex on Stonelake Cove Avenue, officials said. The caller had heard gunshots and had seen someone with a possible gunshot wound in a doorway, the police said.When officers arrived at the complex, they found two women in their 30s who had been fatally shot, the police said Wednesday. They also found a 16-year-old girl who had been shot but was alive, the police said. “As officers attempted a de-escalation dialogue with the suspect, the suspect held his firearm to the juvenile’s head, resulting in an officer-involved shooting,” the police said in a statement on Wednesday.The 12-year-old boy and Mr. Bourne both died at the scene, the police said. The police said they had determined that Mr. Bourne had fired “multiple rounds inside the vehicle.”The police did not say how many shots had been fired or by whom they had been fired. It was also unclear what had led to the initial shootings, but they said Mr. Bourne had lived in the apartment above the victims’. The names of the victims were not released.- Advertisement – Officer Katrina Farrell, a spokeswoman for the Police Department, said the matter was “still under investigation” and declined to provide more information. There is police body-camera footage from the episode, and that is “typically” released within a week or two, she said. The killings took place at a three-story building at an apartment complex, the Douglas at Stonelake, that one resident, Amber Belmonte, said was generally quiet.She counted more than two dozen marked police vehicles in addition to unmarked vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances at the scene on Tuesday.Generally, she said, life is uneventful at the complex. “I imagined the only thing I was going to stress about was the election,” she said. – Advertisement – It started with a call to the police in Henderson, Nev., on Tuesday about a shooting at an apartment complex. It ended with four people dead, including a suspected gunman and a 12-year-old boy.On Wednesday, the police released additional details about the episode, including the circumstances in which they fired at the gunman, who they believed had taken the boy hostage after killing two women.- Advertisement – Then, the police said, the officers found the gunman, a resident of the complex whom they identified as Jason Neo Bourne, 38. He was “barricaded in a nearby vehicle” and holding a boy hostage.- Advertisement –last_img read more

  • Six White House aides, including Trump’s chief of staff, have the coronavirus.

    first_imgThe diagnoses came as the pandemic rampaged across the United States, which has recorded an average of more than 100,000 new cases per day over the past week and hit another record on Friday, with more than 132,700 cases in a single day. The country also recorded more than 1,220 deaths.Mr. Meadows, who abided by President Trump’s efforts to play down the coronavirus throughout the summer, is only the latest in a string of people in the president’s circle to contract the virus in the past seven weeks. Others include Mr. Trump himself and the first lady, Melania Trump, and several aides to the president and Vice President Mike PenceJoseph R. Biden Jr., who was elected the 46th president of the United States on Saturday, made criticism of Mr. Trump’s pandemic response a central feature of his campaign. Since Election Day, Mr. Biden has been briefed on the pandemic by economic and health advisers. Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, has contracted the coronavirus, as have five other White House aides and a Trump campaign adviser, officials say, raising fears of another outbreak sweeping through the ranks of the nation’s top officials.A Trump campaign adviser, Nick Trainer, along with four White House officials also tested positive for the virus, people close to the administration told The New York Times on Friday.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – “That’s 240,000 empty chairs at kitchen tables and dining room tables all across America,” he said. “We’ll never be able to measure all that pain and the loss, the suffering, that so many families have experienced.” In a brief speech on Friday night, Mr. Biden vowed to control the virus and noted that the Covid-19 death toll in the United States was approaching 240,000.- Advertisement –last_img read more

  • Bukayo Saka: Arsenal wing-back says England captain Harry Kane helped him settle in national team | Football News

    first_imgSouthgate and GrealishImage:Jack Grealish is the player who has impressed Saka the most in England training As well as Saka, England boss Southgate has called up Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish to the senior set-up once more.Grealish was instrumental in his side’s 3-0 win at Arsenal on Sunday – a match Saka scored an own goal in – and the youngster is delighted to have the Villa captain as a team-mate instead of an opponent this week.“He’s a top player. When I came here the first time he was the player who impressed me the most in training,” Saka said.“Before we played against Villa at the weekend we analysed him and picked him out as one of their main threats and he showed it in the game.“He was amazing from start to finish, so it’s going to be good to play with him and not against him this week.” “In the games and opportunities he gives me, I want to give my all on the pitch and I hope I can repay the faith he has shown in me.“Games against Belgium are the type of games you want to play in as a player – the big games, the games that mean the most.“It’s not just that game, though, every time I get an opportunity to show how good I am, hopefully I can do my best and hopefully get picked for the Euros.”‘Grealish impressed me the most’ “All the boys have been so good with me from the first minute I came in,” Saka said in his first England news conference.“Harry Kane put his arm around me, he spoke to me and asked me how I was. For him to do that, it helped me settle in much quicker and made me feel comfortable to be myself around everyone.- Advertisement – The 19-year-old has enjoyed a meteoric rise since breaking into Arsenal’s first team in November 2018, and he revealed it was Tottenham striker and England captain Kane who helped him settle when he joined up with his international team-mates. – Advertisement – By his own admission, Saka started nervously against Wales on his debut last month but is determined to push on with the national team and is already targeting next summer’s delayed European Championships.- Advertisement – Harry Kane shows his frustration after missing a second-half chanceImage:England captain Harry Kane was instrumental in making Saka feel at home in the senior set-up Bukayo SakaImage:Saka has enjoyed a meteoric rise since breaking into Arsenal’s first team in November 2018 Gareth SouthgateImage:Saka wants to repay the faith shown in him by England manager Gareth Southgate Arsenal wing-back Bukayo Saka is grateful to England captain Harry Kane for helping him settle in the national team and hopes to repay the faith shown in him by manager Gareth Southgate.Saka, who made his England senior debut against Wales last month, has been called up to Southgate’s squad for the second time ahead of matches against Republic of Ireland, Belgium and Iceland.- Advertisement – “That helps me not just off the pitch but also on the pitch too, because I feel like I can be myself, express myself and play with the confidence that I play with back at my club.”England face Republic of Ireland in a friendly at Wembley on Thursday, before travelling to Belgium and hosting Iceland in the Nations League – both games live on Sky Sports. “It’s been amazing to have the faith of the manager and for him to recall me to this camp,” Saka said.“When I got the text, I was so happy again and I just want to do my best here.last_img read more

  • Professional groups call on White House to elevate role of pandemic flu vaccines

    first_imgAug 8, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Two national groups of infectious disease experts urged the White House to make the development of vaccines the most important element in the nation’s pandemic influenza plan.In a press release today, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) detailed the letter they sent to Frances Townsend, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, on Aug 4 responding to the White House’s National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, released in May.The government’s 228-page pandemic plan explains the steps that federal agencies will take in the event of a pandemic. It spells out 300 government responses to a pandemic and outlines what pandemic planning measures are expected from other groups (see May 3 CIDRAP News article).The pandemic plan states that vaccines are the best way to contain a pandemic and that the government is attempting to stockpile enough existing, or prepandemic, H5N1 vaccine to immunize 20 million people and create a vaccine-manufacturing surge capacity to make enough pandemic vaccine for all Americans within 6 months of a pandemic’s start. The government’s current supply is only a few million doses.However, the IDSA and SHEA say a more comprehensive, international approach is needed for vaccine development, and the United States should lead international efforts to develop the new vaccines. “We must do the legwork now so that we can produce and deploy these vaccines were we need them when a pandemic hits,” said Martin J. Blaser, MD, president of the IDSA.New vaccine science and delivery approaches are urgently needed, and vaccine makers must be involved in the process, the two groups said. “There is a need for rapid, transparent, and extensive exchange of scientific information among experts, and a novel systematic approach is needed to speed vaccine development,” the groups wrote in their comments to the White House. Strong working relationships with other countries—particularly those in Southeast Asia—will be the keys to detecting novel viruses early enough to develop effective vaccines.In addressing other parts of the federal pandemic plan, the societies lauded the White House for clearly designating the Department of Health and Human Services as the lead medical responder and the Department of Homeland Security as the operation and resource coordinator.”But far more work remains to be done at the federal, local, and state levels so that there is clarity about who is in charge of what. When everyone knows their battle stations, things go better,” said Blaser.The two societies also called for:Federal guidance on a consistent, unified approach to pandemic preparedness for local authoritiesRegular drills to ensure that pandemic plans workAn expert panel convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of existing community mitigation modelsMore funding for state, local, and global pandemic planning effortsSee also:National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan 3 CIDRAP News article “New US pandemic plan stresses local self-reliance”last_img read more

  • Obama urges public to prepare for fall wave of H1N1

    first_imgSep 1, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – President Barack Obama warned today that a larger wave of novel H1N1 influenza is likely this fall and called on all Americans to prepare for it.”I don’t want anybody to be alarmed, but I do want everybody to be prepared,” Obama said in a Rose Garden statement after a meeting with several cabinet secretaries to discuss the pandemic.In a reference to past pandemics, he said, “We know that we usually get a second, larger wave of these flu viruses in the fall, and so response plans have been put in place across all levels of government.”Obama said the government is “making steady progress on developing a safe and effective H1N1 flu vaccine, and we expect a flu shot program will begin soon. The program will be completely voluntary, but it will be strongly recommended.”He didn’t go into specifics on which groups have priority for vaccination—pregnant women, healthcare and emergency medical services workers, close contacts of babies under 6 months of age, children from 6 months to 4 years old, and older children and adolescents with risk factors for flu complications.In a separate, brief overview of H1N1 preparedness today, the White House said the vaccination program will be “available to all Americans that wish to participate over a period of time.” Federal officials have said they expect the first 45 million doses of vaccine—out of 195 million doses ordered—to become available starting in mid October.In his statement, Obama went on to appeal to individuals and various groups to participate in preparedness efforts.”Every American has a role to play in responding to this virus,” he said. “We need state and local governments on the front lines to make antiviral medications and vaccines available, and be ready to take whatever steps are necessary to support the healthcare system. We need hospitals and healthcare providers to continue preparing for an increased patient load, and to take steps to protect healthcare workers. We need families and businesses to ensure that they have plans in place if a family member, a child, or a co-worker contracts the flu and needs to stay home.”He also urged people to learn about indiviidual risk factors and to take commonsense precautions: “Stay home if you’re sick. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your sneezes with your sleeve, not your hands. And take all the necessary precautions to stay healthy. I know it sounds simple, but it’s important and it works.”Finally, for people who want to learn more about this virus, please go to, or talk to your doctor.”Obama’s statement came 8 days after the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technolgoy (PCAST), in a lengthy report on the government’s pandemic preparations, estimated that the novel virus could infect 30% to 50% of the population and cause between 30,000 and 90,000 deaths.While generally praising the Obama adminsitration’s efforts, the advisory group called on the administration to accelerate vaccine development, clarify guidelines for antiviral use, and appoint a White House point person to coordinate the government’s response. Obama made no reference to the report in his statement today.See also: Sep 1 Obama statementSep 1 White House H1N1 preparedness and response overviewAug 24 CIDRAP New story “Presidential panel calls for planning czar, faster vaccine”last_img read more

  • Sustainable management of one’s own and others’ potential

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    Personal development should be the starting point for all the roles, functions, relationships and structures in which we exist and operate.Thus, for example, without a completed cycle of personal development, we cannot be parents. Without successfully passing the personal development exams, we cannot finish school. Without successfully working hours on ourselves, we can’t get a job anywhere, let alone in some positions. Without a completed personal development program, we cannot act publicly or be in a position to make important decisions. So the thesis is that before we act externally, we first develop ourselves internally. Now, what would that mean? And what does the development of my smallness have to do with the development of organizations, the profession and society?It matters because our smallness is one of the wheels in the mechanism of change. And if we do not “maintain” and do the service on ourselves, it is likely that we will slow down, brake or disrupt the operation of the entire mechanism. If we “maintain” and develop emotionally, mentally and physically, the relationships in which we participate also develop, regardless of the sign of private or business.Lay the Basics of Yourself firstLet’s first understand that personal development is not a level of education. No education. No expertise. Nor material status. Nor is it an achieved function. Nor is our definition of performance. Simply put, personal development is self-management. Your emotions. Conditions. Beliefs. Its potentials and limitations. And in order to be able to manage them, we first need to understand them. It is a process of different shades, vibrations and tastes that does not tolerate autocratic style. But autocratically strives for sustainability. The most important thing to know is that personal development begins with stepping out of your comfort zone. And through dialogue with our inner tenants, which we call fear, belief, anger, sadness, etc., and only when we notice them and dare to “communicate” with them do we open up the possibility of separating from them.Understanding yourself and your wholeness is not selfishness but a necessity and a need. And I dare say, it should become an obligation. Such as taking a driving test. Lay the Basics of Yourself first and then move on. In life. In relationships. In organizations. In society. Lay down your values, beliefs, fears, limitations, and potentials and learn to change what doesn’t benefit you. And it is when we pass acceptance, respect, discipline, courage and responsibility that we make the greatest possible contribution to the sustainable development of society and the planet. And after laying the Basics, we move on. Learning never stops. And in vain all our definitions, laws, declarations, strategies and action plans if there is no awareness that sustainable development begins u i s to ourselves. With our deeds and deeds.The secret link between personal and sustainable development Sustainable development there is not some theoretical concept. And it’s not just about the environmental dimension. Ultimately it is mindset about respecting everyone and everything around you. Mindset about change in which we must serve as a role model. Or let’s say it by Pareto’s principle; if each of us changes by 20%, we will improve the world by 80%. Our little one is not so small anymore, is it? It is not a utopia. Nor ecstatic idealism. And whether stupid or meaningful, like it or not, personal and sustainable development have their own dynamics and they are very strong. They love on both a macro and micro level.”Development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs [1]”, is the generally accepted definition of sustainable development which indicates that we need to understand what we need while thinking of others. The question is can we sustainably manage social resources and other people’s potentials if we have not become an expert in sustainable management of our own potentials in terms of our strengths, needs, time and capabilities?Photo: LinkedinSecond, learn: learn, do, biti i live and work together, there are four key areas of learning and development of sustainable development that advocate: ability and courage to overcome obstacles and solve problems, creativity of thinking or going beyond established frameworks and stereotypes, future orientation, acting responsibly, commitment but with self-esteem, self-awareness , the ability to establish and clarify values ​​and respect others [2]. Do you notice how much Personal Development is actually in these areas of learning?Third, what is worth to us to manage space and resources sustainably if we do not have the same approach to the people who do it all, implement it and ultimately consume it. What does it mean to manage people sustainably? If we simplify extremely, we are talking about a long-term perspective that, in addition to the financial aspects, is also vigilant about other factors of business and success. Like Big Brother. He sees everything and everything is important to him. It respects all participants and strives to understand their behavior. We can talk about the macro (labor market) and micro (organization) level, and that there are numerous challenges in tourism at the global level, we concluded by analyzing 8 of the 17 goals of sustainable development related to the workforce [3]. Some of them are not even touched, let alone have results.It is important to know that what makes sustainable human resource management different from strategic management is the strong focus on the individual [4]. In terms of diversity management, advocacy and ensuring work-business balance, and turning human resource management into a lever of competitiveness and employer branding [5]. These “pillars” of sustainable HR management can be understood as a litmus test of employee relations. And for the experiment to succeed, the key is the cooperation and involvement of the Management, middle and line management. Take, for example, the CEO of a hotel company, the director of one of the hotels and the head of the hall of the same hotel. Or if we’re talking about a smaller system, let’s take the restaurant owner and his chef.So we look from the bottom up. And the first thing to ask is; whether the assistant chef and all the other kitchen staff testify both in the large hotel and in the smaller sustainable restaurant mindset your superiors? Can I confirm with certainty that in addition to all the problems, situations, competition, taxes, laws and other side effects of business, they are always seen primarily as human beings? Does this (and other) groups of employees see in their superiors ambassadors of sustainable policies? And role models and incentives to take responsibility? And the people who have laid the Foundations of Themselves and who will help them do the same themselves (if not)?Sustainable human resource management Sustainable human resource management is “long-term socially and economically efficient recruitment, development, retention and dismissal of employees [6]. It is worth pointing out again and visualizing (Figure 1) that the individual is in absolute focus. Hallelujah!And no matter how small, big, simple, complex, in this or that activity, an organization that has this mindset he asks himself questions: do we demonstrate respect for the diversity of our employees? In what ways can we provide them with a work-business balance? How can we improve their competence and employability? And how can we help our individuals become aware of their responsibility? Both towards the organization and towards oneself. And how to turn it all into value that employees themselves will pass on to customers?There are principles, tools, measures, paradoxes and examples of good practice in the world of sustainable human resource management. And they deserve a more detailed approach. And until these analyzes and texts, the best thing we can do for ourselves, the organization, the profession and society is to see what stage we are in laying the famous Foundations of Ourself. And then enjoy the beginning of a wonderful friendship with Sustainable Development.Author: Marinela Dropulić RužićLiterature [1] Brundtland, World Commission on Environment and Development 1987 “Our Common Future” report available at:[2] Education for Sustainable Development, Handbook for Primary and Secondary Schools, available at:[3] Baum T, Cheung C, Kong H, King A, Mooney S, Nguyen Thị Thanh H, Ramachandran S, Dropulic Ruzic M, Siow ML. Sustainability and the Tourism and Hospitality Workforce: A Thematic Analysis. sustainability. 2016; 8 (8): 809. [4]De Prins P. (2011), Duurzaam HRM: Synthetische academische introductie Retrieved J: cited by: Rompa I, Explorative Explorative research on sustainable human resource management. Retrieved Junelast_img read more

  • The future appearance of the Žnjan plateau is presented

    first_imgEnvelopes with the names of the awarded authors in the Project Tender for the Development of Professional Solutions for the Žnjan Plateau and for the Contact Zones Trstenička Uvala and Duilovo in Split were publicly opened in the Great Hall of the Split City Administration.Among the 12 submitted works, the first prize of the five-member Jury was unanimously won by the work of the Architectural Bureau “Ante Kuzmanić” doo “The basic criteria were related to the realization of the spatial program, urban-architectural quality of the solution, functional solutions, rationality and economy of execution and compliance of the urban solution with the spatial-development potential of the location.”, Said the president of the court, architect Vjekoslav Ivanisevic.”By cleaning Žnjan, abolishing powerlessness and bringing Žnjan to the zero phase, we have enabled freedom, the freedom of authors to approach the competition without burden, with full creation and complete confidence. This was recognized by our citizens and for the first time, as far as I know, as many as 6 of them participated in the survey, saying what kind of Žnjan they want. Thus, we have made the space democratic and open, green, public and urban, subordinate to the citizens and their wishes. The public space, which has experienced total negation in our city for the last 30 years, has received a compensatory element, which has been affirmed, especially through the awarded work. ” said Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara.By the way, it is interesting that the GUP should not be changed, and for the first time the City is conducting a tender according to the criteria of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, which gave the City a license to do so. The city of Split points out that this year will be used so that through the planning documentation and the City Council, this work will experience its realization for next summer. This year they will find a temporary solution.APPENDIX / Decision of the Architectural Bureau “Ante Kuzmanić” won first prize in the competition for the area of ​​Žnjan plateau in high resolutionlast_img read more

  • The biggest fair of healthy eating this year in Malinska

    first_imgThis year, too, the Food Revolution Day is being held in Malinska, which was launched in Croatia on the initiative of an enthusiast, Sabine Barbiš. This event, which was launched primarily for the purpose of educating people, is now gathering a large number of people for the third year in a row and enjoys the growing support of the Tourist Board. The rich program, which includes the fair, begins on Saturday, May 26, and on that day the Food Revolution, the movement of the famous chef Jamie Oliver, is celebrated all over the world to promote healthy eating, healthy living, local food production and purchase. public institutions.For the visitors of the event, which will be held at SRU Lastavice, the stars of the Masterchef show will cook again, some for the third year in a row, and some for the first time: Ratko Iveković, Časlav Matijević, Šime Sušić and Ante Martić. All of them, out of love for (real) food and faith in the goals of this project, volunteer to cook imaginative free meals!They will be joined by the medical staff of the Health Center of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which will complete the whole of this health promotion from 14 pm to 18 pm, by testing blood pressure and blood sugar and talking to visitors. Also, there will be a mini eco fair throughout the day, where local producers of healthy food and natural cosmetics will present themselves.From 10 am to 16 pm, while the Masterchefs are preparing lunch, in the premises of the Municipality of Malinska, a series of lectures by nutritionists, doctors and psychologists was organized on the topic of healthy nutrition of children; lectures on basic foods and balanced adult nutrition; testing the proportion of muscle and fat tissue of the body and basal metabolism; presentation of effective exercises of a renowned personal trainer; a lecture on the importance of probiotics and lectures on soil fertility and organic food production and on the psychology of nutrition, for example, conscious eating and emotional craving for food.In cooperation with HACPN (Croatian Academic Center for Applied Nutrition), a survey on the nutrition of primary school children has been conducted for several years. Although they live on the island, where healthy food is available and the influence of grandma’s kitchens is still strong, although some schools and kindergartens declare themselves as “eco”, which includes a healthy menu for the little ones, it is surprising how unhealthy children actually eat.The Food Revolution is just aimed at children and their parents. Through such public actions, the community becomes acquainted with the movement and its goals. In small steps, a program of education of parents and children is created, so that they know the basics of a healthy diet and so that children grow into healthy people full of energy and potential for learning. You can join Food Revolution by cooking on Food Revolution Day (amateur chefs are also welcome), spreading the word about the event or as a sponsor, for example groceries. The movement is entirely voluntary and non-profit and as such depends on sponsors.As we have already written, the most beautiful feature of a tourist offer that has the greatest potential to cause all the consequent changes to the cultural offer, economic profit and the economy as a whole are manifestations. And this beautiful and healthy story from the island of Krk shows us that we can do a lot, that only will and work are important, and that work over the years is recognized and respected by institutions.We must mention that the pre-season is still going on, but this could not be a nicer overture to the summer season on Krk.last_img read more

  • Certificates of Integrated Quality Management in the destination – IQM were awarded on Lošinj

    first_imgIn 2017, the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj in cooperation with the City of Mali Lošinj and the company Interligo started the project of Integrated Quality Management in the destination – IQM. The project connects the entities in the destination that provide guests with the best service, recommends the highest quality facilities and partners that guarantee quality, which raises the overall level of guest satisfaction in the destination.All participants of the IQM Destination Lošinj project, in order to be in line with the qualitative development of the destination, meet the expectations of partners and guests, and connect – network with IQM Destination Lošinj partners tourist offer in the destination must meet the standards set for each group: , private accommodation, travel agencies, camps, shops, souvenir shops and wellness facilities.In November 2017, trainings were held with private renters where they were presented with the Book of Standards as well as the obligations they must meet in order to become part of the project. In February 2018, trainings were held for other stakeholders, including travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, camps, wellness and beauty salons, shops and souvenir shops. After the trainings, 75 agreements were signed, followed by an audit of all participants in April.The audit included a tour of 35 renters in which attention was focused on the equipment of accommodation units as well as the kindness of the hosts and their communication with guests. The project also includes 4 travel agencies, one of which is an online agency that also offers adventure programs in the destination. In Mali Lošinj, Veli Lošinj, Nerezine and Susak, guests will be able to choose their IQM hotel. The rich gastronomic offer is part of the project with 15 catering facilities.The IQM offer was complemented by the participation of wellness centers and beauty salons. After pleasant accommodation and relaxation, guests will complete their vacation by visiting local shops and souvenir shops where they will bring island products and original Lošinj souvenirs as a souvenir. “Precisely with the aim of creating recognition and raising quality, but also in order to network the best in the ‘circle of excellence’, we decided to start intensively with the implementation of the IQM project. Considering the considerable number of participants, I think that Lošinj can boast of a high quality tourist offer. The goal is that this offer is followed by the remaining stakeholders in the destination, which ultimately raises the quality and visibility of the entire destination. said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj Dalibor Cvitković.IQM systematically and continuously monitors, monitors quality development, advises on how to improve destination quality and promotes integration, local indigenous story, local quality products, destination culture and focuses on quality and the guest who experiences the destination as a whole.last_img read more