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  • Baloney Detecting Exercise for Students

    first_imgJeff Barbour’s brief history of everything was published on Universe Today.  His essay, entitled “Where does intelligent life come from?” paints a short but sweeping panorama from the Big Bang to humans.  Its style is somewhat like watered-down Carl Sagan or gilded Neil deGrasse Tyson (see 09/29/2004 entry).  Here’s a sample about the origin of life:Although breeder stars formed within a few hundred million years of the Big Bang, life here on Earth took its time.  Our Sun – a third generation star of modest mass – formed some nine-billion years later.  Life-forms developed a little more than one billion years after that.  As this occurred, molecules combined to form organic compounds which – under suitable conditions – joined together as amino acids, proteins, and cells.  During all this one layer of complexity was added to another and creatures became ever more perceptive of the world around them.  Eventually – after more billions of years – vision developed.  And vision – added to an subjective sense of awareness – made it possible for the Universe to look back at itself. (Emphasis added in all quotes.)Barbour makes no hint that a Creator might have had anything to do with any stage of this scenario, except for a brief mention in a footnote, surrounded by some strange statements (indicated by [?]):That life develops from less sophisticated to more sophisticated forms is a question beyond scientific dispute.  Precisely how this process takes place is an issue of deep division in human society.  Astronomers – unlike biologists – are not required to hold any particular theory on this issue. [?]  Whether chance mutation and natural selection drives the process or some unseen “hand” exists to bring such things about is outside the realm of astronomical inquiry.  Astronomers are interested in structures, conditions, and processes in the universe at large.  As life becomes more salient to that discussion, astronomy – in particular exobiology – will have more to say about the matter. [?]  But the very fact that astronomers can allow nature to speak on such issues as a sudden and instantaneous “creation ex nihilo” in the form of a Big Bang shows just how flexible astronomical thinking is in regard to ultimate origins. [?]High schoolers might be offended by the offhand way Barbour makes them seem dumber than bacteria: “Consider the high school chemistry lab experiments where hydrogen and oxygen gas are combined, heated then explode.  Primitive life forms had to learn to handle this very volatile stuff in a far safer manner – putting phosphorus to task in the conversion of ADP to ATP and back again.”  How said primitive life forms learned how to invent ATP synthase (see 02/23/2005 entry), or any of the other molecular machines in the simplest life forms we know about (see 03/14/2005 and 03/11/2005 entries), he does not explain. There’s nothing new or original here that makes this embarrassing litany of shameless bravado worth mentioning, except as an exercise for young Baloney Detectors who had better get armed against stupidity while young, because they’re going to get a lot of it in public school or on TV.  This piece is so lame, so full of deification of Nature and glittering generalities and bluffing, one wonders if Barbour wrote it in mockery of Tyson and the cosmic evolution genre in general.  Since he apparently was dead serious, we might as well have some fun with it.  It should make your Baloney Detector click like a Geiger counter in Chernobyl.  The hard part is trying to figure out which lines would not win Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week.    Parents, teachers, print out Barbour’s little fairy tale, print out the Baloney Detector, get colored pens and have at it.  How many times does he confidently assert things without evidence?  How many wiggle words are there (maybe, probably, might have, etc.)?  How many times does he personify Nature or lower life forms, empowering them with creative genius just because there is a need?  How many times does he wave the magic wand of millions of years, as if time alone works wonders?  How many cases of miracle words or phrases (arose, emerged, joined, formed, took form) does he use?  How many claims are contradicted by observational evidence? (surfing through Creation-Evolution Headlines archives can be helpful here).  Younger students might like to draw silly cartoons in the margins, or put on a puppet show, perhaps with Miss Piggy reading selections of this essay with Shakespearean flair, and Kermit interrupting occasionally to ask tough questions.  Maybe Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker would work as well.  When done having fun, click on the “Discuss this story” link at the end of the Universe Today article and let other readers, many not as precocious as your student, be granted at least a modicum of enlightenment.(Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • New Horizons at Jupiter

    first_imgNew Horizons, a spaceship bound for Pluto, took a good look at the Jupiter system when passing by on Feb. 28.  The scientific findings were featured in a special section of Science last week, with 11 articles.  Joanne Baker said in the Introductory article,1 “The papers in this special issue record how the probe witnessed lightning and aurorae in Jupiter’s atmosphere, volcanic eruptions on the moon Io, and the pulsing of Jupiter’s magnetosphere, a cocoon of charged particles that swathes the entire system.”Io’s magnetic personality:  Of special interest is Io, the volcanic inner moon of Jupiter.  The spacecraft witnessed a major eruption of a polar volcano seen earlier by the Galileo mission:An eruption of the Tvashtar volcano on the satellite Io was caught in the act, allowing the mechanics of the sulfurous plume and the lava temperature to be measured.  Pollution from Io’s volcanoes has even reached the shores of Europa, an icy moon that may harbor oceans beneath its frozen surface.  Io’s volcanic emissions feed extra sulfur and oxygen ions into a vast particle cloud that circles the entire Jupiter system, held in place by the planet’s strong magnetic field.  Behind the planet, it is pulled into a magnetic shadow billions of kilometers long, streaming away from the Sun as the solar wind deflects around Jupiter.  Acting like a giant pipe, this magnetic tail drains half a metric ton of charged particles out of the jovian system each second.Apparently the mass lost down the magnetotail is just half of Io’s output.  Norbert Krupp, in another introductory article,2 said that Io is ejecting one metric ton per second of sulfur dioxide particles.  “Data from all of the previous missions have shown that Jupiter’s moon Io is the most important player in the configuration and dynamics of the jovian magnetosphere,” he exclaimed.  Keep in mind that Jupiter has the largest magnetosphere by far of any planet in the solar system.  This little moon is shedding a lot of responsibility (picture).Polar eruption:  Spencer et al described the volcanoes on Io in another paper (picture).3  The 350-km-high plume from Tvashtar (picture) contained “remarkable time-variable filamentary structures” (movie).  Tvashtar, erupting steadily during the eight days of the observations (picture), was just one of several active volcanoes witnessed in action (picture).  They measured lava temperatures nearly 2000° F. – consistent with basaltic lavas and not requiring “exotic high temperature magmas” inferred from some Galileo observations, they claimed (compare this 2002 abstract from Galileo scientists).Ring things:  Jupiter’s faint rings were the subject of a paper by Showalter et al (picture).4  They were surprised that clumps appeared in some new tenuous rings; these clumps “challenge our theoretical understanding,” they said (movie).  Another puzzle is that “The dusty jovian ring system must be replenished continuously from embedded source bodies,” but they could not find any new small moons capable of feeding the ring system other than the previously-known Metis and Adrastea (movie).  Jupiter’s rings showed significant variation since Galileo: a pattern matched by the thinnest rings at Saturn and Uranus.  “We conclude that the general class of dusty rings may be much more dynamic and time-variable than was previously supposed, with variations on 10- to 20-year time scales not the exception but the norm.”Europa dope:  New Horizons also got looks at Europa and Ganymede.5  It appears that Io is coating Europa with some of the non-ice material observed earlier on “thousand-year time scales” (picture).  The “young” crater Pwyll on Europa showed less contamination than others, supporting the idea that the salty material comes from outside the moon.  If so, this raises hopes that the ocean under the ice is not so salty as to inhibit life (09/17/2002).  Yet if Europa is undergoing “active resurfacing,” as they said, it might seem plausible that the accumulated salts from Io would contaminate the interior ocean over billions of years. Ganymede scarface:  Ganymede appears to be accumulating “a globally distributed dark material except where relatively recent impacts have excavated cleaner ice from below the surface.”  New Horizons observed three bright, rayed craters not mapped by earlier missions (picture).Visit the New Horizons website where there is a gallery of images from the Jupiter flyby.1.  Joanne Baker, “Grand Tour,” Science, 12 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5848, p. 215, DOI: 10.1126/science.318.5848.215.2.  Norbert Krupp, “New Surprises in the Largest Magnetosphere of Our Solar System,” Science, 12 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5848, pp. 216-217, DOI: 10.1126/science.1150448.3.  Spencer et al, “Io Volcanism Seen by New Horizons: A Major Eruption of the Tvashtar Volcano,” Science, 12 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5848, pp. 240-243, DOI: 10.1126/science.1147621.4.  Showalter et al, “Clump Detections and Limits on Moons in Jupiter’s Ring System,” Science, 12 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5848, pp. 232-234, DOI: 10.1126/science.1147647.5.  Grundy et al, “New Horizons Mapping of Europa and Ganymede,” Science, 12 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5848, pp. 234-237, DOI: 10.1126/science.1147623.We could not find where any of the scientists ventured to explain how these short-lived phenomena, sometimes called “dramatic,” could be sustained for 4.5 billion years.  New Horizons has shown that the Jupiter system’s dynamic activity, first observed in 1979 by the Voyagers, was not a fluke.  Volcanic eruptions, ring erosion and active resurfacing have continued unabated for the last 28 years.  How far back in time can these evidences of youth be extended?    Remember that nearly all of these phenomena were a complete surprise when first discovered.  Believers in a billions-of-years-old solar system did not predict them then, and cannot explain them now.  Some open-minded researcher should take the collective data and model it without the a priori constraint of billions of years.  Planetary science needs new horizons.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • Young professionals on success and freedom

    first_imgA few young South African entrepreneurs and creatives speak out about how they are enjoying their freedom with responsibility through their careers and their passions.Jodi Deerling says he is making sure he leaves a legacy. His daily motivation is everyone he encounters and who believes in him and his business. “I know what I am doing is much bigger than I am. I am merely a vessel.” (Image supplied)Melissa JavanJodi Deerling, Michael Cost, Tia Black, Nathan Adriaanse, Nicole Norman and Jodi Cash are young South African professionals who have worked hard to make their dreams a reality. They marked Freedom Month talking about what freedom means to them.Freedom Day is an annual public holiday in South Africa. The day, 27 April, marks the first democratic election held in the country, in 1994. April is regarded as Freedom Month.Jodi DeerlingJodi Deerling (31) grew up in Malabar, Port Elizabeth and is now living in the City of Gold.An entrepreneur, he is the owner of JD Collection, which consists of men’s and children’s accessories such as bowties. His collection is carried by Spree, Superbalist.com, Zando and Big Blue, among other retailers.Deerling is a former YoTV presenter, and has acted in shows such as Isidingo, Villa Rosa and Stokvel.He has a lot to celebrate this Freedom Month, he says. “The final documents of registration for my dream business came through in April. I also met a very special person in this month. We celebrate our anniversary every single year.”Freedom means “having the choice to love who I want and to do whatever I want, as long as it doesn’t hurt the next person”, he says.“What I enjoy the most about the South African constitution is that it truly doesn’t discriminate against any sex, religion or individual.”Michael CostMichael Cost says one of his motivations to work hard is his subscribers. “My bananas; their constant support and belief in me and my work is always inspirational and keeps me motivated even in the darkest of times.” (Image supplied)Michael Cost (23) is born and bred in Johannesburg, where he still lives.He says his greatest career achievement has been to jump head first into being a fulltime YouTuber at the beginning of 2017. “Being able to sacrifice so much and risk it all in order to follow my passion has been a rewarding experience.”But he reveals: “When I was a child my dream was to be an Oscar award-winning actor. My views have changed drastically.“I have a Masters in architecture which I obtained this year. I love merging my passion for architecture with my passion for online content creation.”Cost is also the host of the Twitter chat for South African YouTubers, called #YouTubeZA.“I do believe that your job is what you make it; if you want it to be your dream job, then make it your dream job.”He looks forward to sharing more of South Africa’s culture, comedy and urban life with other South Africans and the world.Regarding Freedom Month, he says: “I am reminded every day how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and to share South Africa’s story with the rest of the world via the internet.”The power of freedom of speech is such an incredible tool, Cost says. “We can barely imagine the extent of its reach.”Tia BlackTia Black is her own cheerleader. “My goals can only be achieved by me so there is no use looking elsewhere for the motivation to attain them.” (Image supplied)Tia Black is a 28-year-old singer from Cape Town who enjoys being able to work with people she has idolised. “And being able to do what I love is an achievement in itself.“This is part of my dream job. I eventually want to venture into television, radio, theatre and the beauty industry. My dream is to do it all!”Black, who grew up in the Cape Town suburbs of Mitchells Plain and Parkwood, talks about how she feels about Freedom Month: “Growing up biracial, my whole life is an ode to the freedom we have right now.“Looking back I remember being asked if I was lost whenever I was with my mom because she’s white. Now it’s not so foreign and I love the diversity we strive to uphold. As a nation it’s kind of mirrored in my everyday life through my parents.”She adds: “I am able to do what I love on this scale because I now have the right to do so. I am free to live without being scared to do so.”We must acknowledge that in theory we have a great Constitution, Black says. “Although we are flawed and still fighting for the correct implementation of what our Constitution is based on, the fact is we actually have one.”Nathan AdriaanseNathan Adriaanse reminds himself daily: “I need to be better than I was yesterday. Tomorrow I will be better than I am today.” (Image supplied)Nathan Adriaanse (27), who grew up in Athlone, in Cape Town, has been a professional dancer since he was 21.“In 2012 I was part of a hip hop crew, Brooklyn Brotherhood,” he recalls. “We took part in the US’s Hip Hop International competition held in Las Vegas in the United States. We were South Africa’s number one representative then, and we placed fifth.“The second big achievement came later in 2012, when I landed my first feature movie role in the Warner Brothers’ House Party 5: Tonight’s the Night film.”Another accomplishment came in 2015 when he was selected to be part of Showtime Australia, performing in the tribute shows Michael Jackson HIStory Show and The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show. “I’ve been touring the world for the past year and half. This opportunity has really changed my life.”Adriaanse, who now lives in Johannesburg, says freedom to him means that he is able to invest in his career. “I am busy planning my trip to the US to improve my skills as a dancer.”He appreciates the fact that he is able to move freely as a South African.Nicole NormanTo keep her momentum going, Nicole Norman surrounds herself with positive energy. “Naturally I attract even more positivity into my life.” (Image supplied)At 23, Nicole Norman is a television presenter of the SABC3 show, Exfrontiers. She is also a blogger.Her career in fashion and entertainment has grown in the past few months, she says. “I was the red carpet host for the Cape Town Fashion Council at the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival a few weeks ago and that was quite an incredible experience.”Yet, she says, “the best feeling is having someone come up to me and tell me that I’m good at what I do and that I inspire them to do their best.”Norman, who is from Cape Town, believes freedom is something we often take for granted. “As a creative, freedom is an even more pivotal aspect of what I do — especially when it comes to freedom of expression in multimedia forms.”Freedom Month is a time to reflect on the struggles and triumphs of the past. “This is what puts things into perspective and holds weight for me, allowing me to be truly grateful for the freedom I enjoy today.”In her university media studies course, she says she “recently wrote a paper exploring various legislative regulations surrounding the works of media practitioners.“I discovered that the Constitution truly protects our freedom of speech and freedom of expression — no matter how controversial.”Jodi CashRapper Jodi Cash is motivated by the desire to be fulfilled. “To know that someday I’ll be able to kick up my feet and say, ‘Yeah I did my best and I showed up to what I’m capable of.’” (Image supplied)Jodi Cash (27), a rapper who lives in Sea Point in Cape Town, has recently started releasing content. “I’m really happy with the reception of it so far. Having won Best Music Video in the Liverpool International Film Festival 2016 was just the cherry on top.“I’ve always loved making music and have never thought of it as a job. I suppose if you consider it to be a job, it definitely is a dream job.”Cash says he travelled a lot as a child and partly grew up abroad. “But I’d say I spent most of my time in Durban.”When he thinks of freedom, he refers to the day he got his driver’s licence. “It gave me a feeling of independence, like I could go anywhere.”About the Constitution, he speaks particularly about the right to freedom of expression. “This helps me to be more informed when making decisions and less susceptible to manipulation and irrational theories.“I’d much rather live in a place where I’m allowed to speak my mind than sit in silence and be forced to say things I don’t actually mean.”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa materiallast_img read more

  • How Mike Yurcich Went From Small School Play-Caller to OSU’s Offensive Coordinator

    first_imgOklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich has come a long way from his humble beginnings, from his first job at the University of Saint Francis in Indiana to his current gig with the Cowboys. 247Sports recently wrote a feature article on Yurcich and his journey to OSU.Yurcich’s journey to Stillwater is the highlight of the feature, but 247 also breaks down how he operates as offensive coordinator, pointing out his animated demeanor and unique expressions that have helped him enjoy success: “Cowboy players describe Yurcich’s demeanor in meeting rooms as detailed and intense. They make fun of his Ohio accent, ‘W-ah-ter’, and his favorite phrase featuring a mythical creature: ‘You throw the ball to Washington right here! He’d be running like a banshee for six! What are you doing, Rudolph!?’” [247Sports]The article also highlights the tense time in Stillwater where the young play-caller was reportedly linked to multiple jobs outside of Stillwater this offseason that included Alabama and Tulane in different capacities. His star pupil, Mason Rudolph, says he was sweating it out at the time reports surfaced.“I was kind of worried we might lose him there for a second,” Rudolph said. “There was some Tulane interest this offseason and he got coordinating opportunities with both Auburn and Alabama. So that was good and bad for me. … One day he’ll definitely be a head coach, but selfishly I wanted him to at least hang around for my senior year. He just has the leadership qualities, smarts and football IQ to run a program.”Yurcich, who Mike Gundy hired away from Shippensburg University, is entering his fifth season with play-calling duties on offense. And he’s been able to enjoy a fruitful run at the helm in part because of Mason Rudolph’s sustained success at QB, who is entering his final year of college eligibility. Perhaps bigger opportunities are on the horizon soon for the up-and-coming coordinator, but right now, he’s locked in for what could be a special year in Oklahoma State football history. So he’s soaking up as much as he can under Mike Gundy.“I think about it a lot,” Yurcich said of a potential move down the road. “When you’re working for a guy like Coach Gundy you’re getting a crash course on how to be a head coach. He communicates well and every person in this program, we all know what the values are and what the culture should be. That’s the most important thing, the communication aspect and the relationships. That’s what makes him great. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

  • A Roundup of Where Oklahoma State is Ranked Around the Country

    first_imgOklahoma State has been ranked in the top 10 by the Associated Press and No. 11 in the Coaches Poll, but are those two outliers nationally? It doesn’t look that way as the Pokes’ average ranking across all non-computer generated rankings systems has gone from 12.4 in January to 11 in August.Here is a roundup of what some outlets are saying about the Pokes heading into what could be a banner year in the Mike Gundy era. I’ve included a matrix of all the preseason rankings I could find at the bottom. Most outlets did a too-early poll, but some haven’t released a preseason poll.Who was the last mullet-wearing coach to raise the national championship trophy? Mike Gundy turns 50 on Aug. 12, and he’s having more fun than ever as he brings back what could be his best Pokes team. Quarterback Mason Rudolph and wide receiver James Washington lead a dynamic passing attack, and Justice Hill provides balance in the run game. Oklahoma State hosts Bedlam and faces a more manageable non-league slate than Oklahoma or Texas. [ESPN]The connection between Mason Rudolph and James Washington will be key for the Cowboys’ Big 12 championship hopes, and it’s worth knowing the Bedlam Game against Oklahoma will be bumped up to Nov. 4. Expectations are high for the Cowboys, and they can meet those if the defense can take a few more steps forward after allowing 26.5 points per game in 2016. [Sporting News]This is a mix of recruiting powerhouses (Auburn, LSU, Michigan), recent successes (Washington, Penn State), and teams with elite units and players but severe questions on one side of the ball (OSU, Louisville). With a couple of breakout stars or a healthy two-deep, any one of them can be a contender in mid-November. [SB Nation]A good-but-not-great Pitt (Sept. 16) is the Cowboys’ most challenging non–Big 12 matchup. That’s not to say Oklahoma State needs to be perfect; a loss to a ranked conference foe might not doom the Pokes, should they go on to win the title showdown. [Sports Illustrated]The big-play connection of quarterback Mason Rudolph to wide receiver James Washington is more than enough to keep Oklahoma State in the hunt for the Big 12 title next year. The Cowboys also return promising running back Justice Hill (1,142 yards), and there’s optimism the offensive line will continue to improve behind guard Marcus Keyes and tackle Zach Crabtree. The post-spring addition of Cal graduate transfer Aaron Cochran was a huge boost for coach Mike Gundy’s offensive line. Washington has plenty of support at receiver.Jalen McCleskey returns after leading the team with 73 catches, Marcell Ateman returns from injury, and LSU transfer Tyron Johnson is eligible in 2017. This is the nation’s No. 1 receiving corps. The early departure of tackle Vincent Taylor was a setback for a unit already losing cornerback Ashton Lampkin, linebacker Jordan Burton and safety Jordan Sterns. Gundy also dipped into the graduate transfer ranks on defense, landing former Clemson cornerback Adrian Baker after spring ball. After finishing second in the conference in back-to-back years, the mission for 2017 is pretty simple: Win the Big 12. To do that, the Cowboys have to navigate road trips to Texas and West Virginia but host rival Oklahoma on Nov. 4. [Athlon]Here is a full look at the rankings compared to how they looked in everyone’s way-too-early-for-2017 polls back in January. ESPN710 Note: We will update the rankings as the preseason polls from national publications are released in the coming days. CBS SPORTS1410 FPI2626 POLLRANK (1/16)Rank (8/23 SPORTING NEWS1516 PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS11– SPORTS ILLUSTRATED124center_img SCOUT11– BIG LEAD189 SB NATION1514 USA TODAY10– Athlon–14 SEC COUNTRY11– While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

  • 2018 MLS predictions: TFC picked to repeat

    first_imgMLS 2018 MLS predictions: Toronto FC picked to repeat as champion Goal Last updated 1 year ago 22:00 1/3/2018 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Toronto FC MLS Cup celebrations Tom Szczerbowski MLS Toronto Can anyone stop the juggernaut that is Toronto FC?That’s the question entering the 2018 MLS campaign, which kicks off Saturday when TFC begins its title defense with an Eastern Conference final rematch against the Columbus Crew at BMO Field.Less than three months after Toronto completed a treble by sinking the Seattle Sounders in the MLS Cup final, Goal has unanimously picked Sebastian Giovinco and Co. to repeat as Supporters’ Shield winners and tapped them as favorites to again lift the MLS Cup as well. Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp But which dark-horse contenders could potentially dethrone TFC? Who will take home MLS MVP honors? Which player is poised for a breakout campaign? Goal editors and writers have provided their predictions below:last_img read more

  • Manchester United vs Sevilla: TV, stream, & preview

    first_imgUEFA Champions League Manchester United vs Sevilla: TV channel, live stream, squad news & preview Goal Last updated 1 year ago 00:48 14/3/2018 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(2) Jose Mourinho Getty UEFA Champions League Manchester United v Sevilla Manchester United Sevilla Premier League The Red Devils host the five-time European Cup winners at Old Trafford on Tuesday, with the winner taking up a part in the quarter-final stages Manchester United host Sevilla on Tuesday for the second leg of their Champions League Round of 16 tie.The 0-0 draw in the reverse leg of the fixture sees United go into the decider as favourites, having lost just once on home soil so far this season.Sevilla themselves have become something of European specialists lately, however, having picked up three back-to-back Europa League titles from 2013-14 to 2015-16. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp But will Vincenzo Montella and his side come out on top against the current champions and prove they belong amongst the European elite? Game Manchester United vs Sevilla Date Tuesday, March 13 Time 19:45 GMT / 14:45 ET Stream (US only) fubo TV (7-day free trial) TV Channel & Live Stream In the United States (US), the game can be watched live and on-demand with fuboTV (seven-day free trial). New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, which can be accessed via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV, as well as on a web browser. US TV channel Online stream Fox Sports 1 fubo TV (7-day free trial) In the United Kingdom (UK), the game can be watched live on TV on BT Sport 2 and it can be streamed live online using the BT Sport app. UK TV channel Online stream BT Sport 2 BT Sport app Squads & Team News Position Manchester United players Goalkeepers De Gea, Romero, Pereira Defenders Lindelof, Bailly, Jones, Rojo, Smalling, Blind, Shaw, Valencia, Darmian, Borthwick-Jackson Midfielders Pogba, Mata, Lingard, Carrick, Young, Herrera, Fellaini, Matic, McTominay Forwards Alexis, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford Paul Pogba has been included in the squad despite missing United’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool at the weekend, though he was unable to train with his team-mates on Monday as Mourinho’s side prepared for Sevilla’s visit.The United boss has confirmed Anthony Martial is available for selection, while Jesse Lingard will serve a one-match European ban should he pick up another yellow card here.Potential Man United starting XI: De Gea; Valencia, Bailly, Smalling, Young; Matic, McTominay; Mata, Lingard, Alexis; Lukaku. Position Sevilla players Goalkeepers Rico, Soria Defenders Corchia, Layun, Kjaer, Lenglet, Carrico, Arana, Escudero, Pareja, Mercado Midfielders Mesa, Banega, Correa, Geis, Pizarro, N’Zonzi, Navas, Sarabia, Ganso, Vazquez Forwards Ben Yedder, Muriel, Ramirez, Nolito Former Manchester City winger Jesus Navas will miss the trip to Old Trafford because of injury, while Sebastien Corchia is also unavailable.Miguel Layun is ineligible but Simon Kjaer is set to return to the starting XI.Potential Sevilla starting XI: Rico; Mercado, Kjaer, Lenglet, Escudero; N’Zonzi, Banega; Sarabia, Vazquez, Correa; Luis Muriel.Betting & Match Odds Manchester United are favourites to progress, with dabblebet placing them at 6/10.The Liga side are a 9/2 bet and a draw is 14/5.Click here to see all of dabblebet’s offers for the game, including goalscoring markets, correct score predictions and more. Match Preview Jose Mourinho Manchester United Newcastle United Premier LeaguePep Guardiola’s Premier League dominance with Man City has seen Mourinho turn his attention to cup competitions, with the FA Cup and Champions League trophies his focus.Following United’s 2-1 win over rivals Liverpool on Saturday, Mourinho said: “Sevilla and Brighton [FA Cup quarter-final opponents] are more important than Liverpool. Liverpool is Liverpool, Liverpool is a big match, Liverpool is a match against a valid competitor for the top four, but nothing is decided.“We have eight more matches to play so 24 points to play for, but Brighton is die or live and Sevilla is die or live so the next two are much more important than the last one.”United have lost just once at Old Trafford this season, against neighbours City in December, and will be hoping their home advantage will see them secure a spot in the quarter-final draw on Friday following a 0-0 draw in the first leg of the tie.Sevilla have only lost one of their last six fixtures, and have scored in every European match so far this season.The Spanish outfit have never reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, though, and face a difficult evening on Tuesday.last_img read more

  • Jim Knowles on the Difficulties of Recruiting Linebackers in the Modern Era

    first_imgSTILLWATER — Football’s offensive-focused movement over the years has affected more than what’s on the surface.Football in general, but especially in the Big 12, has been all about offense as of late. Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles says that mindset is also in the high school game, and it has made it difficult to project some players as defensive recruits.“Those times where you could look at a high school kid who maybe played running back or played quarterback and you could project him into being a linebacker or safety, we still want to do that, but they just don’t happen a lot anymore,” Knowles said. “The high school kids and the coaches, everything is geared to offense. It’s difficult to find a kid who loves to play defense, knows how to play defense, can react to everything that happens on offense at warp speed. It just becomes harder to find.”Knowles is finding linebackers thus far in his OSU tenure. He had two linebackers sign in his 2019 class in Kamryn Farrar and Na’Drian Dizadare, both listed as outside linebackers. In his 2020 class, Knowles has two inside linebacker pledges from in-state prospects Cole Thompson and Jeff Roberson.On Monday, Knowles said Dizadare will play in 2019 as a true freshman. Out of Evangel Christian Academy in Louisiana, Dizadare is from the same high school program that produced Jarrick Bernard, another defender who played for OSU as a freshman. Farrar is out of Dallas Skyline, where he was ranked the 109th linebacker in the country. Sources have expressed quiet optimism about him having the potential to make an impact as a true freshman like Dizadare.Part of what Knowles said made it difficult is all the things modern linebackers are tasked with. It’s a position that asks players to cover wide receivers and running backs on pass routes in the open field, but it’s also a position that demands help in run support.“I think linebacker in today’s day and age has become an extremely difficult position to recruit because you’re put into so many different situations,” Knowles said. “You’re put into open space against the most athletic players on the field, and then you have to line up and handle a 330-pound offensive lineman. It’s really tricky to recruit linebackers.” While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

  • Mason Rudolph Throws Perfect TD Pass, Outperforms Dobbs in Preseason Finale

    first_imgIt would be hard to justify putting Mason Rudolph behind Josh Dobbs on the Steelers depth chart.Rudolph shined again Thursday night in Pittsburgh’s 25-19 loss to Carolina. The second-year former Oklahoma State standout finished 7-for-11 with 125 yards and this beauty of a ball to Johnny Holton:[email protected] with his own DIME 🎯He finds @Johnno_uc3 for the @steelers TD! 📺: #PITvsCAR on NFL Network (or check local listings) pic.twitter.com/cCwPQv4zaQ— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) August 30, 2019 CompletionsAttemptsPercentageYardsTouchdownsInterceptions It seems quite clear who should be Ben Roethlisberger’s backup, but Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has made no announcement on the matter.“That’s a coaching decision,” Rudolph said after the game. “I don’t have any say in that. I try to control what I can control with OTAs and offseason workouts and training camp. It’s been a long offseason. I tried to put my best foot forward, and we’ll see what the coaches think. Not my decision.” Josh Dobbs183354.528002 While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Rudolph quarterbacked the Steelers for three drives Thursday night: a touchdown, a field goal and a missed field goal. Josh Dobbs, who Rudolph is in competition with to be Pittsburgh’s QB2, had two drives of work, coming up empty on both. Dobbs finished 3-for-5 with 21 yards.With the preseason now concluded, here is how Rudolph’s stats compared to Dobbs’: Mason Rudolph284368.136841last_img read more

  • Film Look: Two Takeaways from the Cowboy Offense Against K-State

    first_imgThis was a great play call by OSU offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson. Split Tylan Wallace out to the field side, or wide side, and run play action to Hubbard while Carter slips behind the defense into the end zone. On first and goal, after how much the Cowboys relied on Hubbard in Austin, everyone on the K-State sideline had to have been thinking run.However, outside of this drive, the Cowboys ran the ball 11 times and threw it just three times (excluding the pass involving the ineligible man downfield penalty) on four other trips into the red zone. It’s not really so much the fact that they didn’t throw it, but they just kept it simple and didn’t get very creative when in striking distance, as you see on third and eight in the below video. Coming off their first loss of the season a week ago, Oklahoma State was able to rebound with an impressive performance on the ground and pick up a home victory over Kansas State. Cowboy running back Chuba Hubbard went for 296 yards and the OSU defense was able to hold the Wildcats to just 13 total points. Now, let’s get to my two takeaways from the Cowboy offense in their first Big 12 victory of the 2019 season.Diamond FormationThe diamond formation was first made popular in Stillwater by the Dana Holgorsen led Cowboy offense in 2010, as shown in an image from SBNation’s Ian Boyd in a post from 2014.Capture.PNGThe diamond formation allows for the offense attack multiple areas of the defense and can cause a lot of confusion for the defense with three players in the backfield with the quarterback. We saw the Pokes find some success with this formation a season ago, as shown in the clip below. The diamond formation is not successful against every defense, but Oklahoma State had found success with it against KSU’s four down linemen front a year ago, so it wasn’t too surprising that they went back to it on Saturday.Red Zone OffenseAfter OSU’s loss to Texas, one of my takeaways from the game was the play action roll-out pass. With Sanders’ mobility and accuracy throwing on the run, I wasn’t sure why the Pokes hadn’t utilized this more in the red zone. Well, this past Saturday we saw that change during the Cowboys’ second trip deep into K-State territory, as shown in the following clip. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. They decided to go back to it this weekend, and once again found success moving the ball against K-State out of this look.center_img They also took the diamond formation to the air. Additionally, Wallace only had two targets in the red zone, and neither of them were throws to the end zone.With a reliable kicker like Matt Amendola, and guy like Chuba in the backfield, I can see why the Pokes don’t want to put the ball in the hands of their freshman quarterback down close to the opponent’s end zone.That being said, it’s frustrating to watch at times, especially after seeing what Gleeson was doing in the red zone at Princeton. However, I do think as Sanders continues to become more comfortable leading this offense, we will see some exciting things from the Cowboys in the red zone as the season wears on. In the video above, you see OSU quarterback Spencer Sanders take the snap and hand the ball off to Hubbard. Cowboy Backs Dayton Metcalf and Logan Carter, who were lined up in the diamond with Hubbard, are his lead blockers through the hole.  With some solid blocking and a nice cut from Hubbard, the Cowboys wind up with a big gain.We also saw OSU get the QB running game going out of the diamond, as you’ll see in the next clip.last_img read more