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  • The biggest fair of healthy eating this year in Malinska

    first_imgThis year, too, the Food Revolution Day is being held in Malinska, which was launched in Croatia on the initiative of an enthusiast, Sabine Barbiš. This event, which was launched primarily for the purpose of educating people, is now gathering a large number of people for the third year in a row and enjoys the growing support of the Tourist Board. The rich program, which includes the fair, begins on Saturday, May 26, and on that day the Food Revolution, the movement of the famous chef Jamie Oliver, is celebrated all over the world to promote healthy eating, healthy living, local food production and purchase. public institutions.For the visitors of the event, which will be held at SRU Lastavice, the stars of the Masterchef show will cook again, some for the third year in a row, and some for the first time: Ratko Iveković, Časlav Matijević, Šime Sušić and Ante Martić. All of them, out of love for (real) food and faith in the goals of this project, volunteer to cook imaginative free meals!They will be joined by the medical staff of the Health Center of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which will complete the whole of this health promotion from 14 pm to 18 pm, by testing blood pressure and blood sugar and talking to visitors. Also, there will be a mini eco fair throughout the day, where local producers of healthy food and natural cosmetics will present themselves.From 10 am to 16 pm, while the Masterchefs are preparing lunch, in the premises of the Municipality of Malinska, a series of lectures by nutritionists, doctors and psychologists was organized on the topic of healthy nutrition of children; lectures on basic foods and balanced adult nutrition; testing the proportion of muscle and fat tissue of the body and basal metabolism; presentation of effective exercises of a renowned personal trainer; a lecture on the importance of probiotics and lectures on soil fertility and organic food production and on the psychology of nutrition, for example, conscious eating and emotional craving for food.In cooperation with HACPN (Croatian Academic Center for Applied Nutrition), a survey on the nutrition of primary school children has been conducted for several years. Although they live on the island, where healthy food is available and the influence of grandma’s kitchens is still strong, although some schools and kindergartens declare themselves as “eco”, which includes a healthy menu for the little ones, it is surprising how unhealthy children actually eat.The Food Revolution is just aimed at children and their parents. Through such public actions, the community becomes acquainted with the movement and its goals. In small steps, a program of education of parents and children is created, so that they know the basics of a healthy diet and so that children grow into healthy people full of energy and potential for learning. You can join Food Revolution by cooking on Food Revolution Day (amateur chefs are also welcome), spreading the word about the event or as a sponsor, for example groceries. The movement is entirely voluntary and non-profit and as such depends on sponsors.As we have already written, the most beautiful feature of a tourist offer that has the greatest potential to cause all the consequent changes to the cultural offer, economic profit and the economy as a whole are manifestations. And this beautiful and healthy story from the island of Krk shows us that we can do a lot, that only will and work are important, and that work over the years is recognized and respected by institutions.We must mention that the pre-season is still going on, but this could not be a nicer overture to the summer season on Krk.last_img read more