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  • Euro watch: sweden sets out sex equality goals

    first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Genderequality has been set out as a priority for the first Swedish Presidency of theEuropean Union following an informal meeting of  Social Affairs Ministers and the Commissioner for Employment andSocial Affairs, Anna Diamantopoulou in Sweden. The meeting, “Genderequality and social insurance – an engine for economic growth”, set outconclusions which emphasised the economic arguments.Itfocused on the need to structure tax, benefit and social security systems. Issuescovered included equality for men and their right to bring up their ownchildren.Genderequality goalsDiamantopoulousaid, “Gender equality rules will remain a dead letter unless they areenforced on the ground”. She challenged the member states to enforceremedial action.Fivemain points arose:–Sustained economic growth in Europe will necessitate an increase in employment –European economic policy and social security structures must be informed bygender equality goals–Parental insurance schemes must be extended–Child day-care facilities must be available for job and family demands–Sustainable pension schemes are vital to combat povertyThemeeting suggested that a European institute for equal opportunities could be auseful body to establish, particularly to monitor and eventually remove paydifferentials and exchange good practice.Inan unusual result for an informal meeting, the conclusions, in particular thesocial dimension of pensions and the need to combat poverty, will be taken to theStockholm Summit which begins on March 23.Otheragenda prioritiesAtLisbon a year ago, the European Council defined an ambitious strategy to makethe EU “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world,capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greatersocial cohesion”.Thecommission has published a report ordered by the Council: Realising TheEuropean Union’s Potential: Consolidating and extending the Lisbon strategy. Thisproposes adoption of inter-mediary employment targets for the year 2005 inaddition to targets agreed for 2010 at the Lisbon summit. It also pushes forwork on the free movement of people to be speeded up. Education,lifelong learning and investment policies should also be targeted to close theIT skills gap. And there should be a coordinated European approach to thedemographic challenge of an ageing population and to social inclusion.Morenews–European agreement on teleworking reached–European Social Funds to be directed into human resources – Commission adoptsstrategy for investment in peopleDetailscan be found on the Employment and Social Affairs Directorate website: www.europa.eu.intBySusan Gibas secretary general of the European Human Resource Network, across-sectoral information network for European employers and HR strategistsdealing with issues of employment and the labour market in Europe.  Contact [email protected] Euro watch: sweden sets out sex equality goalsOn 13 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more