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  • Teen survives dramatic racing crash at 170 mph

    first_img Written by Beau Lund FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailMai Shangmin/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images(MACAU, China) — A teenage race driver is lucky to be alive today after a crash that stunned everyone at the Macau Grand Prix in China over the weekend.Sophia Floersch, a member of the Netherlands-based Van Amersfoort Racing team, flipped her Formula 3 car at 170 mph after clipping a Japanese race car. The flip hurled the 17-year-old’s car backwards, slamming it into a booth. The crash sent five people to the hospital with serious injuries, and caused the remainder of the race to be halted for over an hour.Floersch, remarkably still conscious after the accident, was taken to the hospital and initially diagnosed with a spinal fracture. Floersch is scheduled for surgery Monday.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.center_img November 19, 2018 /Sports News – National Teen survives dramatic racing crash at 170 mphlast_img read more

  • Commentary: In 2020 Campaign, The Message Is Change

    first_imgCommentary: In 2020 Campaign, The Message Is ChangeJuly 9, 2019  By John KrullTheStatehouseFile.comINDIANAPOLIS—Amid all the shouting and noise generated by the 2020 presidential campaign, a surprising thing has become apparent.Many Americans – perhaps most Americans – agree on something.And that is that the promise of America – the promise that, with hard work, a person could build a good life – isn’t being kept for too many people.John Krull, publisher, TheStatehouseFile.comThat was the central argument to Donald Trump’s surprisingly successful 2016 campaign. He spoke to the frustrations, even anguish, of largely rural, overwhelmingly white working-class Americans who felt the dream slipping through their fingers and out of their grasp.His was an outsider’s crusade, not a traditional political campaign. He was less a candidate than a rebel chieftain storming the gates of the castle, demanding not just a seat at the table but the throne itself.His victory was even more startling because it involved overthrowing not just one but two establishments.First, he took down the GOP hierarchy, throwing well-heeled and well-educated Republicans who always know which fork to use when dining into a kind of panicked tizzy from which they have yet to recover.Then he tossed Washington, D.C., upside down, discarding well-established precedents, practices and rules as if they were used and useless fast-food hamburger wrappers.Chaos ensued – and normal, even simple functions of government became much more difficult.In some cases, even impossible.But that doesn’t disturb the president’s ardent supporters.They seem happy to see someone take a wrecking ball to the machinery of self-government because they believe the system isn’t working for them.Flash forward to now.If the Democratic presidential debates a few days ago demonstrated anything, it was that the dissatisfaction with the system isn’t confined to white working-class America.Consider many of the candidates who have emerged from nowhere as serious contenders in the race to be the Democrats’ standard-bearer. All represent constituencies that have reason to feel disenchanted, dispossessed and disenfranchised. And all their candidacies would have been unimaginable 15 years ago.Kamala Harris is a first-term senator from California and a black woman. Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of a smallish Midwestern city and a gay man who speaks often of his husband. Elizabeth Warren is a senator from Massachusetts, a former law school professor and schoolteacher who was Republican until she was nearly 50. Julian Castro is a former Cabinet member, a former San Antonio mayor and a man of Mexican ancestry. Cory Booker is a senator from New Jersey, a former mayor of Newark and an African-American man.Like Trump, all these candidates are, to say the least, non-traditional.And, like Trump, a large part of their message and their appeal is that they don’t represent the old system.In some ways, the emergence of these outsider candidates shouldn’t be surprising. Almost every successful presidential contender since Jimmy Carter has won by running against Washington and claiming to be the one who can bring sweeping change to a moribund system and culture.But what’s different now is that many of the old barriers preventing outsider candidates from breaching the walls of power have been swept away.Race was one such barrier. Gender was another. Sexual orientation was still another. Non-European ancestry could be yet another.It’s not that people who weren’t white, male, straight and of European ancestry didn’t want power or at least what they considered a fair shake. It’s just that the system wasn’t set up to allow them to pursue their ambitions.That’s no longer the case.The election first of Barack Obama and then Donald Trump to the White House demonstrates that many Americans who had no realistic prospect of being president can imagine hearing “Hail to the Chief” every time they enter a room.More to the point, the people they represent now have ways to express their dissatisfaction with a system that excludes many and rewards relatively few. They have a way to make their voices heard.The irony, a painful one, is that the Trump supporters and the people who back the non-traditional candidates on the Democratic side might learn something if they lowered their voices.Namely, that they have a lot in common.They’re all unhappy and they all want things to change.FOOTNOTE: John Krull is director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism and publisher of TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students. Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

  • Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Release Schedule For Riviera Maya Concert Vacation

    first_imgFor more information and complete details, including payment plan details, head to www.daveandtimrivieramaya.com. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds will return to Riviera Maya, Mexico later this month for their third-annual, all-inclusive concert vacation in partnership with CID Presents. Slated for Presidents’ Day weekend on February 15th through 17th, the duo will deliver three beachside concerts across the weekend, with additional performances by Warren Haynes (solo), Tyler Childers, Valerie June, Carlos Malta, and Kristen Raw Bowden, and Joe Lawlor.Watch Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Play “Typical Situation” On The Beach In Mexico [Pro-Shot]Mostly touring with his band Gov’t Mule, it’s become a rare gift to receive a Warren Haynes solo performance. The guitarist/vocalist is known to serenade the audience with originals from his 30+ year career while also showcasing his extensive work with the Allman Brothers Band and The Dead, among a long list of other influential groups in the southern blues rock and jam space.Tyler Childers, known for his southern musical storytelling, is another special act to join the bill. Relatively new to the scene, the country music singer/songwriter released his first full-length album, Purgatory—produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson—in 2017. His music is inspired by his love and admiration for his native Lawrence County, Kentucky—in particular, the people, landmarks, and childhood memories that flow through it.Valerie June is yet another force to be reckoned with. The Memphis-based road warrior is known for her eclectic mix of folk, blues, gospel, soul, country, Appalachian, and bluegrass. Having also celebrated an album release in 2017 with The Order Of Time, June has been making international waves since the early 2000s. She even appeared on an episode of Austin City Limits in 2017.Check out the official schedule for the upcoming Dave & Tim adventure below, featuring performances on the main stage and at the Barceló Colonial Pool:last_img read more

  • BIH Basketball Players Finished Preparations in Kranjska Gora and Will Arrive in Sarajevo Today

    first_imgThe Men’s Basketball Team of BIH finished its 12 day preparations in Kranjska Gora.All players finished the first part of preparations for the European Cup without injuries and are in good form. At the last training, players chosen by Aco Petrović, divided into three fives, played three periods of 10 minutes.The team is returning to Sarajevo today, where after a 3 day pause they will continue with training.The BIH Basketball Team will train in Sarajevo until 12 August, and will then leave for Slovenia where they will play a friendly match with Georgia, Slovenia and Russia.By the end of the preparations, the players will take part in more tournaments in Germany and Greece.At the European Championship in Slovenia, which begins on 4 September, BIH will be in the group with Latvia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Lithuania. The first match of BIH will be on 4 September against Latvia.(Source: klix.ba)last_img read more