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  • Rif Protests Mourners of Accused Activists Father Demand Release of All

    Rabat – Hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral of Rif protest activist El Mortada Iamrachen’s father in Ajdir, near Al Hoceima, on Friday.Mourners marched in procession while the deceased was taken to his burial. Media reports indicated that throughout the march no political chants were heard.However, once the deceased was buried, mourners went in a demonstration to demand the release of Rif protests detainees and denounce the government’s attitude towards the region. Iamrachen was released to attend his father’s funeral after he was detained for allegedly “praising terrorism.” Following his release, Rif protests detainees defense team revealed that he will be prosecuted on provisional liberty while he awaits trial in July.The former Salafi and moderate activist is being prosecuted based on fake news propagated by some media outlets which claimed that Iamrachen tried to smuggle weapons into the Rif from Libya.His arrest has been widely criticized as the activist is known for his moderate stances. Unlike hard-core leading activists of the protests movement, Iamrachen was in favor of dialogue with the government.Ninety-three protesters and activists have been arrested since the situation in Al Hoceima and its nearby areas escalated in May.Leading activists of the movement are currently under detention in Casablanca where they are facing serious charges including “undermining state security” and “undermining citizen’s loyalty to state institutions.”Calls for their release has become a top priority for the eight months of protests in the region demanding social and economic justice. read more