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  • Moroccan Minister Sues Website Rejects Damning Allegations in Bouachrine Case

    Rabat – Moroccan Minister of State for Human Rights, Mostapha Ramid, has been accused of advising Toufiq Bouachrine’s defense to pressure plaintiffs by Moroccan newssite Barlamane.com.Amid the allegations by the Moroccan website, Ramid announced via Facebook that he would sue Barlamane.com for false reporting. Barlamane.com suggested that Ramid advised Bouachrine’s defense to delay their client’s trial, allowing more time to pressure plaintiffs to withdraw their charges. The Minister of State has denied all allegations. Journalists reported that Ramid would advise Boucharine’s defense, also claiming that Ramid coerced lawyers in Meknes and Tetouan to defend Bouachrine’s interests. He also advocated that the Moroccan lawyers maintain the right to recourse with foreign lawyers.Barlamane.com argues that the Minister of State failed in his duty to promote neutrality in Bouachrine’s case. In response, the Minister posted to Facebook, indicating his intention to sue the site “which has been used invent lies” against him.Bouachrine is the director of Moroccan newsource Akhbar Al Yaoum. He was arrested February 24 on charges of sexual assault, rape, and human trafficking filed against him. He appeared before the court yesterday, the first of several court dates ahead. read more