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  • Virat Kohli reprimanded after inappropriate physical contact with South Africa bowler Beuran Hendricks

    first_imgVirat Kohli was reprimanded and received one demerit point after he made physical contact with South Africa bowler Beuran Hendricks during the third and final T20 International in Bengaluru on Sunday.Virat Kohli, the India captain, was found to be guilty of a Level 1 breach of the ICC Code of Conduct. He has admitted to the offence.According to a release issued by the International Cricket Council, Kohli breached Article 2.12 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, which relates to “Inappropriate physical contact with a Player, Player Support Personnel, Umpire, Match Referee or any other person (including a spectator) during an International Match.”This was Virat Kohli’s third offence since the demerit point system was introduced in 2016. He received one demerit point each during the Pretoria Test against South Africa on January 15, 2018 and against Afghanistan during a World Cup match on June 22, 2019.Virat Kohli had led India to a convincing victory in the second T20I against South Africa on September 18 after the first match was washed out. However, Kohli and other other Indian batsmen failed on Sunday as South Africa romped home to a 9-wicket victory.The 3-match T20I series was drawn 1-1 and India lost the chance to secure their first ever T20I series win over South Africa at home.Also Read | We are taking risks to find the best combination in T20 cricket: Virat KohliAlso Read | There was a miscommunication: Virat Kohli on Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer both coming out to bat at No.4advertisementlast_img read more

  • Safety of Rohingya children must be guaranteed before return to Myanmar –

    “Some 58 per cent of the refugees are children, many of whom are still traumatized by their experiences of violence,” said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth on Wednesday, speaking from the Kutapalong refugee camp in southern Bangladesh. “It is critical that their rights and needs in terms of protection and aid are front and centre in any agreement to return families to Myanmar. Return of refugees to Myanmar must be voluntary, safe and dignified,” he added.The vast Kutupalong camp shelters many of the 688,000 Rohingya refugees who have fled across the border from Myanmar’s Rakhine State following an outbreak of violence there in late August last year. More than half of the refugees are children. Until the safety and wellbeing of any child returning to Myanmar can be guaranteed, talk of repatriation is premature“In just the last few days we have heard reports of fires and shooting in villages across the border. Until the safety and wellbeing of any child returning to Myanmar can be guaranteed, talk of repatriation is premature,” he stressed, while praising the leadership of Bangladesh for supporting these desperate people and helping avoid “the worst potential consequences of this human calamity.”However, Mr. Forsyth pointed out that with the rainy season approaching, there were still huge challenges ahead.“Conditions in the camps here are undoubtedly harsh – the overcrowding, the shortages of clean water, sanitation, health care and education all carry a particular risk for children.”Working with partners, UNICEF has dug hundreds of water-bore wells, installed up to 16,000 toilets, helped immunize nearly a million children and adults against cholera, screened 335,000 children for malnutrition, and provided learning for nearly 80,000 children.Even so, waterborne and other diseases are a constant threat in the overcrowded camps, which need to be urgently decongested to ensure basic facilities reach all inhabitants. Currently, up to 100 people must use a single latrine and water supplies often run short.More must also be done to protect vulnerable children from traffickers and other dangers and to provide psychosocial care to those who are still traumatized by the experiences that drove them from their homes. Learning and recreational spaces for children have been expanded rapidly, but still fall well short of the needs. Nearly 220,000 children are currently deprived of an education.“The longer these children remain without the chance to learn, the greater the risk that they will miss out on the chance to build a future for themselves and their families,” Mr. Forsyth warned. read more

  • Private schools slam The Archers for suggesting Rob Titcheners abusive character stems

    first_imgDiscussing the mood of his stepson Henry, who is in the care of Rob while  Helen is in prison with Ursula, Rob said: “I told him to keep his chin up –  the same as you told me every time you dropped me off at prep school.”  Private school pupils generally make  excellent wives and husbandsBarnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council Rob and Helen of The Archers The apparent criticism of Rob’s upbringing as a boarder in the programme  was dismissed by Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, as “ridiculously unfair”. He told The Telegraph that, rather than ending up as abusive spouses who  get stabbed by their wives, “private school pupils generally make  excellent wives and husbands”. Mr Lenon, a former headmaster of Harrow School, said: “In the UK the  divorce rate is higher amongst those who did not go to private school than those who did. “All I can say is that in the real world I have known hundreds of parents  who sent their children off to prep school and who commented on how much nicer the child became as a result – less self-centred because he had to  learn how to function in a community away from rather indulgent parents.”  Robin Fletcher, chief executive of the Boarding Schools Association, added:  “We have every sympathy for anyone in the past who went through a boarding  experience that was not great and it was not the right solution for them  and they had an unhappy experience as a result.  “Today’s environment is a very, very different one. I don’t think you find any cases now of children being sent away to school. “Families are hugely sensitive to that, schools are hugely sensitive to  that – because there is no point in having a child who is unhappy or for  whom boarding is not going to be the right answer.” A BBC Radio Four spokesman said: “The Archers is a fictional drama. Knowing  Rob’s character and his motives as our listeners do, I’m sure they will  treat his comments with a healthy dose of scepticism.”  Later, after being asked by Ursula to move to live with his parents in  Hampshire, Rob said: “I stopped being a Hampshire boy the day you shipped me off to school.” In an earlier episode, when challenged about why Henry appears happy to go  away with Helen’s parents, Rob replied: “Children often hide sadness behind  a smile.”  Rob Titchener is now the most-hated man on radio Credit:BBC  Listeners are preparing for Helen’s trialCredit:BBC  Private schools have criticised the scriptwriters of the BBC Radio Four’s  The Archers drama for suggesting that abusive husband Rob Titchener’s  troubles lie in the fact he was sent away to board. It is the second time that boarding schools have crossed swords with the  programme after a plotline earlier this year in which Rob and Ursula  discussed how to send his stepson Henry to a boarding school without the knowledge of Helen, Henry’s mother.  Mr Lenon said boarding schools like Harrow can make children “much nicer” In recent episodes Rob’s character has referred to his own dismay at being  sent away to school against his will as a child during tense discussions  with his mother Ursula. Listeners to the programme – the world’s longest running soap opera – are  preparing for the trial later this month of Rob’s wife Helen, who  has been charged with attempted murder and wounding with intent after being  provoked into stabbing him earlier this year. Bullying Rob has become the most hated man on radio because of the plot  which has drawn more than five million listeners with its gripping  storyline of domestic violence, revenge and attempted murder. Rob Titchener Harrow School  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more